Gang Of Four (Part - 13)

Gang of Four (Part - 13)

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Arjun called Surbhi and told her about that incident. He started crying on the phone. She consoled him," Arjun don't cry please everything will be all right. You go and talk to them,they will understand." " I think you are right." He went first to Ejaz who said"Arjun I hate that unclean stubble and this competition is a life time opportunity. You know yaar how much I love singing. Raghav needs to think what he wants our friendship or that stubble." Rajeev also gave the same response.

He decided to meet Raghav and compel him to remove that stubble." Arjun I don't want to talk about them,they have changed for worse." " Raghav you said once that we are not bad boys but now you are behaving like one." Raghav didn't listen his any argument ,Arjun then decided to tell him about Surbhi and their planning to make them shave so that they could accept Surbhi in his life. He revealed his planning to Raghav," Now I understand Arjun it was you who were against those oaths. You didn't want this friendship of ours to last long and that to for a girl shame on you Arjun." 

Raghav called Rajeev and Ejaz and told them what Arjun had did to their friendship.They also blamed him for playing with their emotions." I am shocked by your behavior. That girl is against that stubble and you instead of leaving her decided to take advantage of our weaknesses shame on you." Rajeev reminded him that he left Nidhi for their friendship and that he should also behaved in that way." She didn't want our friendship to break. She did all this for our happiness." They didn't listen him, he was again alone, this time with burden of their broken friendship.

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  1. Raghav, Rajeev, Ejaz and Arjun.. This gang will survive or the love? Let's see.. I have tagged you in all my latest post.. 1, 2, 3. I cannot say hope you accept...because you have accepted all my tags so far :) I am happy for that.. So, if you can, please.. Or else also no issues.. Thanks for accepting all the tag :) Sweet of you :)

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    1. thank you for tagging me again and again that shows your trust in me.

    2. You are a fantastic writer. I would be happy to meet you in future and have a cup of coffee :)

    3. It means a lot to hear such things from you,I hope we will meet someday.


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