Right Timing

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Right Timing

"Mom where we will go now, " asked Arnav when her mother told him to pack his things."Mom you said that if I wouldn't misbehave and pray daily god would do some magic to change our life." She remain quiet because she knew that magic is fictitious but how she would tell that to a ten year old who was hoping against hope for the change of fortune due to magic of his prayers.

Everything ruined with the death of Radha's husband last year in a road accident. Somehow with his savings and her jewelry she managed her house and Arnab's education for few months but that didn't last long, after which she started working but since she was not well-educated the job she got gave her meager salary less enough for her household expenses. Since Arnab's education was important their rent remain unpaid for about four months.

Her landlord was her husband's friend but after his death he tried to take sexual advantage in lieu of the rent which she strongly denied. He started threatening her to leave the house. As she was thinking about her past and future the door bell rang. Her landlord entered the house with some papers in his hand. She send Arnab inside being aware of his character. " Radha see! What I have brought for you?" He showed her some papers in which he transferred his house to Radha's name." I will take care of you and Arnab only you have to share nights with me. It is so simple." He touched her face. She slapped him," Get out you scoundrel,we will leave the house today." He laughed," keep these papers darling and think about my offer I will be back tonight." He put papers on table and went out in haste.

He was so excited as he came out from there because he was sure she wouldn't deny his offer. His idea would do magic on her. Suddenly a car hit him from behind. He stood up in pain removed dust from his clothes and  moved forward saying that it was magic to survive such an accident without looking back at the crowd gathered around his dead body. Radha who was following him to return those papers saw towards sky and thanked god. That house was now hers without any condition. Magic depends on timing and that was the right time for it. 

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Her husband dragged her to their bedroom and closed the door from outside where his bosses were waiting for her like wolves surrounding their pray. She wished she new then what she knew now about her husband's greed. He could go to any extent for his promotion and when dinner didn't worked he served her wife to them.

The raped her one by one. Next day instead of accepting her fate and remain quiet she went to the police station and complained about her husband and his bosses. It's better to be a survivor than to be a sufferer.

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Acche Din Aane Wale Hain?

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Achche Din Aane Wale Hain ? ( Good Days Are Ahead?)

Results of Indian General Election 2014 yesterday gave a new national leader to the country in the form of Mr. Narender Modi. His rise is a case study for marketing and advertising people. He was present everywhere during election campaign whether it is news channels,newspapers,facebook,twitter,T-shirts,tea cups,Modi comics, chai pe charcha,3D rallies,etc which helped him reach maximum number of people and making an impact in their minds which other political parties failed to do. His mannerism and controversial behavior also helped him gain popularity.

Emergence of Narender Modi also helped people rise above caste politics which destroyed political presence of regional parties eliminating possibilities of their role as king or kingmaker as in last twenty-five years. These parties formed due to regional aspirations of each became mere pressure groups in coalition governments restricting governments to take any strong steps. Women reservation bill,Janlokpal bill, food security bill, targeted violence bill are some important bills and acts which remain hanging between the two houses of the parliament thanks to these regional parties. We know some parts of the country needs more attention than the others - the main demand of the regional parties however they failed to do so when came to power in their areas barring the few. 

As gaining the majority was a tough task for him so is the running of new government owing to the world economic crises which India is also facing. I think he knew this for which he raised the time limit from 60 to 120 months in his thank you speech in Ahmedabad after results were declared. In his election campaign speeches he made so much promises that completing them would be hard nut to crack as Oh Yes Abhi ! generation wanted everything immediately. It is not so that Manmohan Singh's government was not doing anything but the condition was so much worse that something extra is required to control inflation,generating employment, improving farmers condition,etc. ( You can check Manmohan Singh's efforts here.)

Modi's election campaign was much like Shah Rukh Khan's promotion of Ra.One. He with his presence at every platform during the release of the film made sure that everyone must watch that movie once similarly Modi brought people to vote for him once. Shah Rukh 's effort resulted in good box office collection for the otherwise flop film and Modi's efforts ensured  BJP Modi government of party with many differences among them. The coming of Modi government and not the BJP government gave scope to dictatorial tendencies.( I noticed a bit arrogance in his yesterday's speech.)

Question mark at the end of my title shows my doubt about good days since India of 1.25 billion population is entirely different from a wealthy Gujarat state of 60 million people. Also there must be some expectations of RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ) parent organisation of BJP(Bhartiya Janata Party ) who devoted all his powers in promoting PM Modi and of those people who have spent enormous amount of money in his public rallies and meetings, how he handle this would also be interesting. Moreover a large population is feeling insecure under his leadership, to inculcate faith in them would be a daunting task. Congratulations and best of luck to him for the future only time will tell how positive or negative will be MODI-fication of politics.    

Man Of Few Words : Mr. Manmohan Singh

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Man Of Few Words : Mr. Manmohan Singh

Since elections are over its time to say farewell to our current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, I am not assuming any election results but he wants to vacate that seat for someone else even if congress came to power. He is the only PM after Jawaharlal Nehru to return to power after completing a full five-year term and the first Sikh to hold the office.

He served in the past as a Chief Economic Advisor,Reserve Bank governor,head of Planning Commission,leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, Finance Minister under P.V.Narsimha Rao's . As a finance minister he holds the credit to bring out India from severe economic crisis in early nineties through various reforms that liberalised India's economy. He faced criticism at that time in India but he was admired globally for his work.   

He is 13th PM of India,the number thirteenth became unlucky for him during his second tenure as everyday was a bad hair day for him due to scams which are competing to be at the top spot in terms of loss to India's economy. These scams engulfed achievements of his ten years as opposition extracted an opportunity from these scams to malign his reputation and labeling him as mute PM.

He is definitely a man of few words but of many actions. MNERGA(Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act), farmers loan waiver,right to food,right to education,RTI( Right To Information),direct tax subsidy, Indo-US nuclear deal, cheap but fast rail service Gareeb Rath, maintained a sustainable growth rate when world was under financial crisis, improved banking system,National Rural Health Mission,creation of NIA (National Investigation Agency), introducing AADHAR card as Multipurpose National Identity Card, promoting e-governance,strengthening anti-rape law,etc were some of the actions taken under his prime ministerial-ship.

I think non-promotion of his work among masses,mishandling of media trials during Anna Movement and Delhi gang rape case went against him. Although he was not directly involved in any scams but as the head of the government all slur was faced by him. He was an apolitical person and he remained one by not indulging in dirty political tactics of abusing his critics. It is also necessary to mention that he never went on holidays in last ten years as PM even he never extended his foreign trips for recreational purposes.

Now, when he is putting weight of his shoulders, I wants to remember him as the most humble PM of India ,a man of uncommon decency and grace. Perhaps his stature is compromised in last two years and many countrymen criticize him but I believe what he said in his words that the history would remember his contributions for the country. My first vote in 2009 helped him form the government which was also the reason he holds a special place in my heart as a leader and as a PM. A grand salute to him and the best of luck for his future. It is difficult to find one in politics but he is my role model for maintaining a dignity of PM post and for enhancing India's image in world forums.

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MOM - Master Of all Matters

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MOM - Master Of all Matters

She felt unfortunate to attend the person she hated the most in these twelve years, her mother who killed her father in front of her eyes with a knife and abandoned her to live in an orphanage but as a doctor she wasn't allowed to refuse to treat anybody because of personal reasons.

She met the head of orphanage outside the room where her mother was kept under observation who held her hands and said,"My child, I know you never wanted to meet her but fate has brought that day and a chance for me to tell you about the person who saved you from being raped by your father by killing him and supported your studies by working from jail premises."

"Today, at this stage when she was at verge of death , I thought it was necessary for you to know that she used to take care of all the matters related to you even in jail."

She shouted "MOM" as she entered the room and hugged her with teary eyes,the response of which her mother gave with a smile so soothing to satisfy her soul that no burden was left on her soul which thought that it's the right time to bid adieu to the world.

She cried inconsolably for the maker of her life-the master of her all matters her mom.  

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Broken Door

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Broken Door

"My heart goes out to this man who had lost everything in these riots," Minister spoke to the media pointing towards a man standing in front of the hanging door of his broken house.

"We know reconstruction of this village needs elbow grease but we will put our best foot forward for this task ," that man was silently listening to him.

"You say that I should prevent this but my hands were tied being not in the state government but I have a gut feeling that they will understand me and I will be back in power," the man near the door was still watching him silently.

He moved forward quickly which removed the already hanging door and slapped the minister as he was also hand in gloves with the rioters.

He was up in arms against him for trying to take political gain of this situation.

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Reflections Of A to Z Challenge

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Reflections Of A to Z Challenge

This was my first A to Z challenge participation and I am excited that I have survived it. It was a unique experience in many ways. It extended my writing limits and taught me blogging time management as I visited many blogs during the challenge,commented on each post I visited,followed many and also got few new followers.

I started this A to Z journey without having any specific theme in mind. I just thought to put write ups with the letter of the day but as I wrote I realized that all my fictions were relationship based and each story whether a short story,a 55 fiction,a Drabble (100 word fiction) or even a six word story explored different dimensions of various relationships like a mother discovering a child in Amateur Writer or a strange bond with a stranger in Damsel Of The Night  ,discovery of new love in three part series Girlfriend, obsessive love relation of Mine Forever , marital love of One Day ,betrayal in love of Run Away , bond of friendship in Unusual Demand , relationship with one's dream in Viscous Solution , teacher-student love and respect of two part Zephyr.

I gave a special touch to this challenge by maintaining that not only title of the post depict the letter of the day but each post's first word  starts with that letter. I wants to thank all who have visited and commented on my blogs. I got few re-tweets on Twitter also for which I want to give a special thank to Arlee Bird. Now I am already prepared and excited for the next year. Since there are too many blogger participating in this challenge it becomes difficult to visit all even once. There should be random grouping of blogs under each co- host and one must visit all blogs of one's group and follow them if one likes, that doesn't mean you can't visit blogs in other group but you must cover your own group during that month. This I think will make stronger connections among blogger.

I hope you all liked my blog, please comment if you have some suggestions,appreciations or anything else in your mind. Thanks A to Z challenge team and all co-hosts for providing such a big platform to blogger to connect with each other and a pat on your backs for a wonderful work this year. 

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My Role Model

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My Role Model

We all lives an ordinary life under many pressures and expectations at different stages and in different situations in life. At times it becomes difficult to manage a situation and to come out of a problem unscratched and unbroken. This is a time when we look up to someone for inspiration. The one man who can give us the required courage and motivation, one who can lift our spirit. This can be a situation you have witnessed someone coming out so easily which inspired you so much that throughout your life you carry a positive attitude. Thus giving you a role model in your life whom you don't only follow but also preaches others what he does in your life.

Before I tell about #MyRoleModel here are few things I want to share:
  • He inspires you to stand for the right whatever and whoever was standing in front of you.
  • He tells that everything concludes positively and there is no single situation which can break your courage.
  • When you feels lonely he is the one which make you understand that there is someone special waiting for you in this world.
  • Nothing is powerful than love.
  • Never leave your friends midway.
  • Nothings matter more than your family.
  • Talent and hard-work turns fortunes.

These and many more things I have learnt from my role model and will continue to learn. My role model is the king of Bollywood Mr Shahrukh Khan. Only while writing this post I realized how much I am inspired by him. Since my childhood I used to copy his actions ,his mannerism,his style. He was projected as a lover boy which makes him heartthrobs of millions of girls and for boys he is the ideal example of how a man should treat women. A role model is one which sets an example for people around him and change their perspectives and I think he never falls short of this definition. Characters portrayed by him never encouraged vulgarity on screen.

Each role he played is inspiring,whether Raj of DDLJ who changed himself to get his love, Kabir of Chak De who give life to a dead team, Veer of Veer-Zara whose Indian values won heart of a Pakistani girl, Raj Aryan of Mohabbatein who stood for love against mighty Amitabh Bachchan, Rizwan Khan of MNIK giving message that don't mix religion with terrorism, the list is endless as each character of his was inspirational. One important think common to all these characters is the respect for girls which is lost somewhere in today's world. Rajkapoor as Raju became face of innocent youth of Independent India, Amitabh Bachchan became face of seventies as Vijay the angry young man showing angst against the system of that time while Shahrukh as Rahul was not a struggling youth but one who was craving for love in self oriented world what the 90's was.  

His real life is also inspiring. When in Bollywood relationship changes like clothes he remained loyal to single woman throughout his life, there were speculations sometimes but he came out unscratched. How he conduct himself publicly is an example for many aspiring actors.Those actors who becomes arrogant with just one or two hits should learn from his modesty. His leadership skills are beyond any doubts which make his each venture successful, he is working with a same team for years which shows how dependable he is.

Shahrukh Khan was the first person who taught marketing skills to the film industry. He is hard working,a good husband, a caring father,a complete entertainer,an amazing speaker,a trustworthy friend,a self made man and truly a good human being. What else you demand from someone to be a role model? 

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