Xylographer ( wood artist - A Drabble ) 

Xylographer presented his most appreciated creation to the king the engraved wooden life size structure of the demised queen. King's eyes filled with tears, it was truly a masterpiece appearing as if queen was standing alive in this wood. 

" What do you want xylographer ? "

 Being aware of the fate of Taj Mahal's artisans (their hands were cut ) he destroyed that structure and told the king that he wanted to build it again while living in the palace with his family. He was arrested with his family. Forced to make that structure again in prison. He was executed after its completion.

Today's alphabet is X and it's UBC DAY 28.


  1. Very sad story. Thanks for introducing me to a new word. I didn't know what a xylographer was before your post.

    1. I also learned the word before writing this post

  2. Nice short story around the word. The picture emphasised the story even better. X can be a challenging alphabet indeed.to write about. Not many choices.

  3. This was sad ... wonderfully written :-)

  4. seems he was a little more ambitious. Brilliant topic for X

  5. There are so many instances where common man found a way to live some more in the moody king's era! Gosh- these kings had no value for a man's life!


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