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Change The Game

Change The Game

Cricket's position in today's India is beyond any challenge by any other game,thus cricketers also enjoyed the godly status whereas other games are neglected, forget about the international presence we don't have national presence and interest in these games. The players of other sports than cricket are not known faces of the country. Their earnings are almost negligible as compare to earnings of cricketers. They lived harsh life without any facilities by government. The dream of a sportsperson to be cheered by the crowd of their country also remained unfulfilled. The condition of women in such sports is more frightening. 

Women players in addition face social obligations. Even their families don't support them as girls are supposed to cover their body,they can't play in front of so many men,they are not allowed to go far away from the house alone and so on. The same is the case with Bhabani Munda and her Dooars XI of West Bengal. It's a women football team from Dooars in West Bengal. In spite of winning various medals and trophies they don't have proper sports shoes,jerseys and football. They support their dream and passion by selling rotis and tea. Half Stories - Do Right by Tata Capital initiative has highlighted this issue and helping them to buy those sports essential things.

In my opinion if we want to promote other sports we should take help of two other big things in the country Cricket and Cinema. Chak de starring Shah Rukh Khan helped a lot in promoting the cause of Indian Women's Hockey while endorsement of Men's Hockey by cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Verender Sehwag brought spectators during Indian Hockey League. Initially we can complete this half story by giving donations to Dooars XI through Do right to buy shoes and other accessories but the long term solution requires complete planning.

Organizing football matches along with cricket matches during IPL  (Indian Premier League) as experimental basis would indulge the audience with football. We Indians are big fans of international footballers,arranging friendly matches with European teams is also a good idea. This is election time so ask your candidates,your favorite parties ,your leaders about their policies regarding promotion of sports other than cricket. What are their plans of sports development in rural areas from where we get most of our finest sports talent. So lets pledge to Change The Game by changing our attitude towards other sports.

This post is written for Half Stories by Do Right at 

Today's alphabet is and its UBC Day 3.


  1. hi, I have nominated you for The Liebster Award…

    1. Sorry but I don't write post for Liebster award as I don't like their format ,but thanks for nominating me.

  2. Cricket is not something I know about so thanks for sharing it with me as it allowed me to learn something new.


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