Unusual Demand

Unusual Demand - A 55-fiction

Unable to stop his ten years old son Rohit ,she called her husband to bring him from barber's shop. To her surprise they both returned bald from there. Rohit's unusual demand arose to support his friend suffering from cancer as he was teased by others for his baldness while Rohit's father supported his unusual son.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 24.


  1. tha's such a sweet gesture ... beautiful

  2. :) I read a story similar to this one a long time ago

  3. Unusual but great demand. May his tribe increase :)

  4. Sweet post about a humane gesture :)

  5. Hi Cifar .. how brilliant - great his father joined in too - lovely to read about ..

    I was checking in on your Reflections Post .. and it isn't there ... you're at number 27 - anyway I found you this way .. and I need to check your A-Z posts out ...


    Cheers Hilary


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