Run Away

Run Away

"Run away with me,happiness is waiting for you." 
She trusted him and leaved her poverty-stricken village life for a better future in the big city. She had two younger sisters her success would benefit them also. Rajiv told him that even a servant in city earns more than a village collector, she was educated and could earn even more there. She loved him that's why went with him. But quite quietly he left her in a brothel for money. She jumped off from brothel's terrace and quite quietly the news of her death was also buried with her.  

Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday #12 : quite quietly.

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 21.


  1. thats why trusting strangers is bad!!
    a-z participant

  2. Yeah! Its important to read the mind and be able to come out of the tangle. Never trust Strangers!

  3. Choice over trusting a stranger is subjective! A lot depends on the intelligence of the person who believes stranger and on what issue they believe.

    I can put it simple. There is a limit for everyone and everything in our life. We need to be wise to decide on that. If we ignore every stranger, we can never know what is trust!



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