Cricket Crazy

Cricket Crazy

As I came to know about crazy cricket contest last year's incident came flashing into my mind. Tracking the match this year with application's match centre feature is a cake walk. It shows most interesting thing about a particular match like interesting stats,missed moments,spectacular catches and so on. On the whole this app satisfies all your cricketing needs.

But that wasn't the case on 15th May 2013 i.e first birthday of my niece. Since it was her first birthday all relatives, neighbors and friends were invited but that day coincided with matches of my two favorite IPL teams,during day it was Kolkata's match ( I like KKR for ShahRukh connection) and at night it was Mumbai's match ( Mumbai for Sachin Tendulkar.) I knew it a day before that these matches would be missed. There was not a chance to see them at home and we have declared holiday for that day in our office and factory. I lost the hope to see them and remained busy with preparations of the event in dejected mood. and when my cousin told me that KKR lost the match,I became restless for Mumbai's match.( Why she chose that day to born?)

So in evening I went to a neighborhood tea shop and sat there to watch the match while others were busy with birthday and dinner. Talking about the match with fellow tea mates I completely forgot the birthday party, when match ended around 11:30, I reached home where everyone was waiting for me in anger. My elder brother started scolding me,my mother was crying. They thought I have lost the way or in some trouble to miss an occasion awaited by me. My phone was also in silent mode.) When I told where I was they burst into laughter being aware of my cricket love.

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