Festival Of India

Festival Of India

Festival of India perhaps is a confusing heading if writing about General Elections but this is actually a festival for democracy. It is the time to celebrate the uniqueness of a democratic system. It is the time to realise our power of vote. Those who believe what a one vote can do ask candidates who have lost a election by just few hundred votes. Your vote make you responsible for the happenings in the country and make you eligible to ask questions to your representatives if they don't perform their duties well.

The irony of the current election is that it talks about the issues of inflation being the most expensive election in the history of the country. The election battle before really going into the ground zero is being fought at newsrooms in TV studio debates,at social media platforms like face book,twitter,google+,etc. All these media platforms are taking away actual issues. No party is talking about any issues and the one man who have raised many issues is missing from media coverage. But I am not here to blame or support any body. I just wants to share few important things.

We follow parliamentary system of governance in our country. In this form we elect a representative from our area. Then these representatives elected by us if gets majority select a leader among themselves as a Prime Minister which runs the government with his council of ministers. So first thing to keep in mind is to check the background of all the candidates standing from your area ( data available on Election Commissions website), read their parties manifesto to know their vision for the country,( don't let any wave created through media influence you), if possible connect to your candidates and ask them what they have in store for your area, to select a winnable party is also important so don't follow only TV debates,search Internet to know winnablity factor,local newspapers and news channels will also help.

If you didn't find a better candidate then NOTA ( None Of The Above ) is also an option now. But do go to the polling station to excise your right to vote otherwise your vote can be caste by someone else to an undeserving candidate by corrupt means. Collect information, read policies,look for any criminal charges and finally CASTE YOUR VOTE and celebrate this festival of India.


  1. it is a festival! I shall be casting my vote here in Delhi on the 10th of April :)


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