Large Heart

Large Heart - A Drabble 

Larsen Villa was known to everyone as the home of elderly couple with large hearts as they gave shelter and food to the orphan and homeless children. It was known as an orphanage to the authorities where these twenty something children also get education. It was known as a heaven for children to villagers until two kids ran away from the Larsen Villa and told the horrible truth to the police. Old couple were showering this conditional love to abuse,molest and to sell them in cities as servants.They were absconding when police raided but all children were rescued.

Part of Write Tribe's 100 Words on Saturday 2014 #11 prompt: conditional love

Today's alphabet is and it's UBC DAY 14.


  1. Large heart indeed ! Very few have it


  2. Good drabble, Cifar! Tragic when people exploit children this way.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier on my blog.

  3. Tragic! This exploitation still exists, sad indeed. Well written. And thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. I follow yours too!

  4. It is so sad when people do things like that. There are many good people who really do offer their hearts and love and homes to care for the lost and homeless but the media only cares about telling the dreadful abusive stories. We need to hear about them so they don't happen again but we also need to hear about the hundreds and hundreds of good people too.

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a trace! Now following your blog..

  6. OmG how cruel! They were exploiting the children in the guise service to society.


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