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Happiness is not just a smile or laugh but contentment and satisfaction. You could find contentment in a thing as meagre as walking in the rain or couldn't find in a thing as big as a Jumbo Jet. Whatever we do, whatever we are trying to do, whatever we wants to pursue in our lives, whatever we want to attain in life is just to seek happiness. Our wishes for luxuries are all meant for our satisfaction and thus for happiness but where will we get it is not known to us. Our faith in particular religion and philosophy is also for happiness, the happiness of mind which makes us content and give us peace and joy. All our life is a journey to find happiness. Lucky are those who could find it in small things of day to day life, in their boring routines or in everything around them while some couldn't able to find it even after searching the world.

I find happiness in writing poem and stories. I used to rhyme the words from the time when I haven't even learnt to write. But nowadays besides writing I found happiness in naughtiness of my two and a half year old niece. Her dancing as soon as she heard some music, her repeating the songs when they played on TV or mobile phones, her repeating of things someone else or I have told her before, her caring for each family member of the family even at such a small age by remembering and taking care of their things if scattered around, these and many more things of her makes me happy. Her cute acts of kindness, naughtiness, playfulness makes all of us jubilant and happy. I also feel satisfied and proud of the fact that her parents are taking good care of her and giving her full liberty right from the beginning to grow to best of her capabilities and enjoy her childhood unlike most of the other children of our country who by choice or by compulsion restricts themselves to cherish their years as children.

By the way I laugh rarely, it's not that I am a serious kind of person but I smile than to laugh out loud at such situation, anyways leave the reasons for discussion on this to some other occasion. I have mentioned this thing just to tell you that I laugh a lot when I play with her and enjoy doing the same thing again and again which otherwise bores me. I forget all my worries and tensions with her and felt satisfied after seeing her happy in whatever she does and that's I think is happiness to me.

Jo Mile Saath Mein Tere, Woh Khushi Hai,
De Jo Sang Tere Waqt , Woh Khushi Hai. 
Khush Hokar To Pehle Bhi Hasein Honge Kabhi,
Jo Khilkhalake Hase To, Woh Khushi Hai

This post is written for Coca Cola India a brand committed to spread Happiness. #IAmHappy. 


  1. Kids can teach us a lot how to be happy in the journey of life:)


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