Sar Utha Ke Jiyo

Sar Utha Ke Jiyo

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Zindagi ki rah mein jo na hota saath tu,
raston ki bheed mein manzilein milti nahin.

Life is a learning process. Right from the time we came to this world we start learning and doing things some by choice and some by compulsions. Learning and doing things is not as simple as it looks. Our hesitations, inhibitions, shyness and deep thinking often comes in our way of learning and doing things. We stop at that point and try to motivate ourselves hoping for a push to put our best foot forward. The push which helps to overcome our fears and make us more self reliant. Push from your family,from the member of your family who knows you need to make things easier.

An incident comes in my mind from the time we children used to do Ramlila in our locality during Dussehra holidays which reminds me the importance of that push which helped me in becoming more self reliant person. The major part of the money for Ramlila budget came from our families i.e the families of all the children who took part in it but that amount was not sufficient and it wasn't write to pressurize our families more so we decided to collect donations by visiting door to door around the houses in our area. We made groups for this task but each one of us was hesitant in doing this, what would happen if they scold us? How it would look to ask money from people we don't properly know? Such questions decreased our confidence. We were discussing this near my father's shop, he heard our problem and called us in his shop.

He looked at me and told me that we should start from the houses near his shop. He would watch us and would intervene if their was any problem. " Beta ! Koi na se badi goli to nahin marega."( Son ! No body will use a bigger weapon than no.) We did what he said. While visiting first few houses we were looking at him while interacting with people but as we moved on we gained confidence and that task which was looking as difficult as climbing the Everest became so easy.

I remembered his this teaching even now and always recall his words while facing someone that "It's only a 'NO' " life not ends with rejections. This move of his encouraged me to grow into a better more self-reliant person. He could contribute more at that point with money or would have arranged from some of his friends but he boosted our confidence to face people and to be more responsible for your duties. We did Ramlila for three years and stopped it after one of our friends died of dengue on Dusshehra eve but after the first year we managed funds easily by visiting to more people for donations even beyond our locality.

We also organised Independence day and Republic day functions, Janmashtamai celebrations, New Year Party, etc during those days with our newly found confidence. Apne hi apno ko khud ke dum par jeena sikhate hain, aur aise apne hi sahi mayno mein jeena sikhate hain. Much like HDFC life insurance which helped you to keep your head high Sar Utha Ke Jiyo.

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