Together We Can

Together We Can

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'Together we can and we will make a difference ' this is a line from a crime based show of the 90's India. It was meant for implying that together we can stop crimes around us and we will make that difference happens with our togetherness but this line also underlines a fact that togetherness can do wonders. We often lose our motivation, courage and enthusiasm and it was then we realize how togetherness is important in keeping alive the hope and optimism in the journey of life. When we are together with our friends or family ,their mere presence instills confidence in us.

Years back when I was in school, I participated in a dance performance in our annual day function. Though I joined the dance group due to teacher's pressure and because two of my friends were also in the group, I was hesitant to perform because of my stage fright. I was confident in the rehearsals and I knew that I would perform well during the final take but the problem lied in stepping on stage. I shared this problem with my brother and sisters and they ensured me that there is no need to fear as they would be present in the audience to cheer me. They came backstage before the performance started and boosted my confidence. Even with so much encouragement and confidence boosting I was fearing when I reached the stage but when I saw my family sitting in the audience my brother, sisters and parents. I forgot all my fear and started performing with full confidence. Their presence in the audience was enough for the strength and motivation required by me to perform and be optimistic.

We can do anything when we are together whether at the level of family or at the level of nation. A nation is build when all its citizen works together for its betterment. Being together gives us strength and motivation needed to go with optimism and look up. Housing is building home keeping that motive in mind. We as family faced many difficulties in our life from losing all our business and money to being debt ridden, from having everything to have nothing and then again regaining back. We are able to face all these difficulties because we remain hopeful and optimistic as we are together with each other. We encouraged the one going low and make him/her to look up in the life ahead which is full of opportunities and hope. 

As I said earlier that together we can and we will make a difference. I have experienced this phenomenon in my family where we have made difference in our lives with togetherness. If we are alone we always get negative thoughts but when we are together we become each other's strength and in doing so we forget our own problems and thus in encouraging and motivating other we ourselves get motivated that's the power of being together.

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