If There Is Hope, There Is Life.

If There Is Hope, There Is Life.

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Life is nothing if there is no hope. A hope for the better future, a hope for a better home, a hope for a better car, a hope for a better life helps us to keep going without fail. We even overcome our failures if we have hope. Hope maintains optimism which in turn make life easier and spread positiveness in it not only for ourselves but also for those connected to us. 

Often in life we lose up if some misfortune happens in life and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep alive the hope in us. Once in such a situation I too was dejected and hopeless for some of my decisions which brought loss to me. It was the time when I felt solitary confinement for myself better than to face the world and people. I used to sit in parks or on benches around roads observing children playing, people talking and moving, cars coming and going but found nothing in these things for myself. All world appeared useless to me in those circumstances.

On one such day when I was lamenting my decisions sitting on a bench along the road which was also the pickup point for construction labors. People or contractors came there for masons or labors for the work on their construction sites or homes, they negotiated with few and select one according to their requirement and budget. I saw one labor negotiating for himself and when the deal was done, he insisted to take another labor whom he was suggesting in his place. The man found nothing wrong in it as both labors had same built. He took that labor instead with whom he had negotiated. I sat there for hours and observed that the labor who left his work for another one found no other work that day. As he was going back I stopped him and I asked whether he was repenting his decision of giving his work to someone else. He smiled and said that he was happy than sad because another labor for whom he left his job was his neighbor whose mother was ill and for whose medicine he didn't have money. He said that he could mange for that day but if his friend would not get that job than his friend wouldn't able to buy medicine for his mother.

After hearing him I realized that some of our decision if not beneficial to us were helpful for someone else. There is always a good in every bad and instead of finding that good we started cursing our bad luck. We must not lose hope for such decision and should not waste ourselves in repenting them but to learn from them and start again anew. An unknown stranger filled me with optimism and hope for a better future. It is this hope which runs this world , it is this hope which keep us alive.

World is full of hope and positiveness but only when we see it. Housing envisions a world filled with positivity. As elusive as it may seem, optimism can be found all around - in the laughter of children, in the excitement on your pet's face when you get back after a long day, and in the smile of your loved ones when you go back home after months of being away. Housing are bringing homes spreading optimism in the world.

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  1. Helping others and being hopeful & optimistic is important.


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