Book Review : Rise Of The Grey Prince

Book Review : The Saga of Agni - Rise of The Grey Prince

The Saga of Agni - The Rise of The Grey Prince is a fantasy fiction written by Arka Chakrabarti who is a tax consultant cum content writer. His debut novel was The Secrets of The Dark which was the first part of The Saga of Agni. It was published by Shrishti Publishers and Distributors. I have received this copy from Readers Cosmos as part of their Book Review Program.

Cover : Cover suits with the theme of the story. An image of a man looking like a monk but with face hidden in the dark ignite the curiosity in the reader about the character. The sword in the forefront and landscape in the background give a glimpse of Agni's weapon and the land of Gaya where the story is set.

Plot : It's plot can be divided into three parts:
  1. Agni was going to The Land of The Setting Sun from The Land of The Rising Son to know about his destiny and to find his mother,he was lost in the thoughts of Malini whom he loved and who was killed in the first part. He was accompanied by Guru Sidak, Param and his best friend and Malini's brother Vrish.
  2. Yani the prince of Himadri came to know of a secret about his past. He was keen to know about his past and was ready to do anything to know it and is also ambitious to become more powerful.
  3. The rise of the Beast and Charvi's quest to know about the disappearance of her father.
How Agni reaches his desired destination ? How Yani reveals the secret of his past and Darshana? And other such questions were answered in this roller coaster ride.

Thriller : The speed of the narrative is apt for the kind of story. I liked the switching of scenes making narrative engrossing and attaching. The fantasy land came in front of your eyes with its description at each step. The action, drama and suspense is maintain artistically. Although I haven't read the first part but most of it became clear to me as the plot unfolded in this part.

Spoiler : Use of some terms and words is confusing. The story has not moved much. It's end is also abrupt as it,s not ending in a finishing note. Switching to different scenes looks interesting but at some place scenes are switched in haste leaving readers clueless about what has happened.

Verdict : If you loved fantasy fiction and want to roam in a land of adventures , you must read it and its better to read first part before reading it.

Rating : I would like to give 2/3

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