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One day Sandhya noticed an unread message on her phone after reaching back home.It was Rishab's which said," I know you never miss weddings and funerals,hope to meet you there." Sandhya didn't understand the message but she realized that she always remained occupied with work which has so much disturbed her love life. The best couple of college days hardly met now. Every once in a while you got someone who loved that much. While she was still thinking of Rishab a friend telephoned her to give news of his suicide.Last message of his was now deciphered.

UBC Day 7

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I am a poet,writer and a blogger who blogs about almost everything many times raising social problems while trying to find their solutions.


  1. OH, This is so sad. Why do such things happen in life?

  2. Beautiful story. It often happen when we neglect our loved ones due to work load. A lesson on the need to enjoy every moment of life coz once the moment goes, it will never come back,

  3. Noooo!! I cannot take this! This is so sad :(