Quotes - 1

Quotes - 1

Politics is like a game with no set rules but still there are things which are followed by politicians and is famous all around. Some of these famous sayings in politics are given below along with their hidden meanings i.e the meaning which these quotes really signify.

Political Quotes.(With Hidden Meanings)

1. There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in politics.
(Politicians are opportunistic and rolls towards that side which is beneficial to them.)

2.Public knows everything.
(Public is dumb,make them feel good to use them for your wish.)

3.No issue is dead in politics.
(If an issue is dead vote bank politics comes into danger)

4.Personal and party line is different.
(Necessary to rectify mistakes of over speaking in public.)

5.Follow the leader.
(Leaders are rare so do whatever confirms you a victory.)

6.We believe in Judicial system.
( We know that at the day of judgement either we are dead or retired.)

7.Constitution is supreme.
(We are law makers and can amend it according to the need.)

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