Learning Colors Of Life

Learning Colors Of Life

" A child is born.................rainbow color thrive."

This poem describes different stages of life with colors. Each color has its qualities and signifies one or the thing. With this poem I have used that color symbolism to connect it to different stages of life. 

When a child is born he or she don't know anything neither the goodness,nor the evilness of the world. A child is not contaminated with impurities of this world much like the color white which is pure. White is linked to God or heaven because of the purity it signifies. It is peaceful much like an innocent child.

When in adolescence one is full of energy and joy same as color yellow which is used in this poem to describe that stage of life where one is careless about this world,weaves dreams and is free to do anything which one wants. Color yellow denotes this happiness and imagination. Similarly color red denotes passion and love which one carries in teenage. The age of dreams,where one started planning for life,for carrier and also for love. This is the period of learning. Learning by doing and also by mistakes.

Then comes the age where one gets matured,settles down have family and friends. Like color green ,the color of nature,calm and hope.One thinks before taking any decision,life is almost smooth at that time of life. One have work,home,future everything which one requires.

This smooth life ends into the dark age,the old age where one becomes dependent and starts thinking about the death. Death which reminds of color black. Black denotes the darkness of this age which is tasteless and pleasure less. All things become useless and tension of the unknown prevails.What will happen after death,where one will go,will one get a good side(heaven) or evil side(hell) are the questions resonates in the mind.

Following is the link to the poem:Colors Of Life

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