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Delhi: My Suggestions

Delhi: My Suggestions

I have raised several issues which need to be tackle in My Delhi Manifesto. These are the issues which act as obstacle for Delhi in becoming a city which can give competition to cities like New York,London,Paris,etc. All problems have some solutions and for problems about a city like Delhi government agencies and people living here have to work together for better results.Below I will discuss probable solutions to the problems raised by me:

First problem which I highlighted in my manifesto is the parking problem.Most apartments and societies have parking of their own,the main parking problem arises in markets and colonies. Parks other than those in the green zone or those parks which are encroached should be used as parking sites in such areas. Multilevel parking should be constructed in market areas as already used in Sarojini Nagar Market. Illegal construction of temples,shrines should be checked on sides of the road as they block parking spaces and creates traffic jam.

In Delhi projects are kept on delaying due to non-cooperation between Delhi government and MCD and between different government departments.Delhi Water Board destruct a road constructed by PWD one day before to lay water pipelines,such waste of time and money can be avoided by cooperation between them for this a department should be there which is accountable for such lapses and where we can complaint about the delay in work regardless to any department.

Safety is the issue which needs cooperation of people with Police and other concerned departments. Everybody should do servant/employee verification and tenant registration with Police Station of their area. Police stations must have public relation officers which are polite and sympathetic to the complainer. Women constables should be there to handle issues related to women like rape,molestation,eve teasing,domestic violence,etc. Officers should take a timely round of their area to interact with RWA's ,NGO'S ,etc in their area.Regular police patrolling in desolate areas at night.

Transparency reduces corruption. Policies and procedures should be open and clear so that it becomes difficult to take money in the name of lengthy procedures. Man to man interactions should be reduced by transferring more works to online. Public should follow the rules and not encourage bribery.

Government hospitals needs a complete revamp in all areas be it infrastructure,service,staff everything. Patients are more on corridors than on beds. More doctors should be employed,bifurcation of local patient and other state patient,training of staff to handle work load properly, are some steps need to implement urgently along with opening of new hospitals. Steps should be taken to reduce medical expenses in private hospitals for needy patients by providing grants to them.

There are government shops to provide cheap commodities to people but there is also product scarcity in these shops. Government controlled retail shops should be made stronger by improving distribution system and to fill them properly. Vegetable retail prices should be fixed by government on daily basis according to wholesale rates with reasonable profits for the retailer. Multinational retail chains should be opened for a healthy competition in market which will help in reducing prices.

Population due to migration is difficult to control in a city like Delhi where lakhs of people came daily to earn a living. Some of them gets work but most of them remain jobless and hence tend to begging and occupy city roads. First of all begging should be banned in Delhi and if allowed than only in religious places for a particular time period. Increase in job opportunities. Check temporary migrations from other states due to floods,earthquake,etc and ensure their timely return after things are back to normal in their states.

Some of these issues also needs efforts at national level. Creating job opportunities in smaller states will halt migration of people to big cities,self sufficiency in food products will cut imports and hence prices of many goods which will helpful in reducing inflation,removing of intermediary between farmers and consumers will also help in reducing prices,strong laws to punish corrupt official will be helpful in reducing corruption.

For a better Delhi the heart of the nation,we Delhiites need to think of Delhi before ourselves.

This is My Delhi Manifesto in association with

UBC Day 22


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