Tandoor Kand( Naina Sahni Murder Case)

Tandoor Kand ( Naina Sahni Murder Case)

Among the many incidents that occurred in 90,s India and caught the attention of the nation and the world was Tandoor Kand or Naina Sahni murder case. Naina Sahni a congress party worker was shot dead by her husband Sushil Sharma a congress youth leader MLA. 

He killed his wife by firing two shots from his pistol in his house on suspicion of her illicit relationship with her co-worker. He then took the body to the restaurant called Bagiya and tried to disposed off the body by chopping and burning it into the restaurant's tandoor (clay oven) with the help of restaurant's manager. Two patrolling constables came to know about the incident when they visited the place after seeing the smoke and getting smell of flesh burning. Manager was arrested by the police and Sushil Sharma surrendered later on 10th July 1995 eight day after the incident.

This incident grabbed the massive media coverage on being one of its kind. The in humanness showed by him in disposing off the dead body and breach of confidence made it to the list of the rarest of the rare case in the eye of law and he was sentenced to death in 2003 by the lower court,the decision which was also upheld by the high court. He filed a petition in Supreme Court against the verdict, the decision of which came today on 8th October 2013 which converted his death sentence into imprisonment till death on the ground that Sharma didn't have a criminal antecedent and there is a possibility of reform of him.

The verdict of The Supreme Court also confirmed that Indian judicial system believes in reform i.e to kill the crime and not the criminal. Moreover it will give the message that one should think twice before taking any action in the heat of the moment. He may be a big politician today had he not committed the crime then,all his future was ruined because he had not controlled his anger at that very instance.       

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  1. Because it is rarest of the rare case, he should punished at least sentenced to death .

  2. This was indeed one of the most disgusting cases that came up!


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