"What happened? What's the matter?" Akshay asked a man standing among the crowd gathered on road. When he received no answer,he stand his scooter and dispersed the crowd. A wounded boy of 18 or 19 was crying for help, without delay he picked him up made him sit on his scooters back seat with the help of few other people standing there,he tied him with his body so that he may not fall while he drove the scooter to the hospital. He admitted him in hospital and informed the police,he also called his own home so that his parents and wife didn't worry about him for being late.


Few hours before this incident:

"What happened? What's the matter?" Divya bunked her class to meet Vijay at college canteen," speak something Vijay,why you called me here." He told her that they need to elope if she wanted to marry him." What happened to you suddenly.?" "Your brother saw us today morning when I picked you for college." Vijay was informed by his friends that her brother was planning to beat him." Soon our parents will know about us and then there will be no hope?" She told him that her father loved her very much,she would tell her about her love and he would definitely understand the situation.Her brother saw them at canteen ,he called his friends and took him outside college. They beat him ferociously and threw him on road in wounded state.


Present time in the hospital.

Police reached the hospital and record Akshay's statement. "What happened? What's the matter?You look very tense officer." " Yes, I am tense to think the condition of those who had beaten him." Inspector told him that the boy was the son of local MLA cum gangster Krishan Rao who would definitely kill whole family of one who had done that. Inspector told him to go to his home now. At that point Krishan Rao entered the hospital he fired some gunshots even before police could stop him. Akshay silently came out of the hospital and walked his home completely forgetting his scooter in hospitals parking lot.

The door of his home was already open when he reached there. His parents,wife,daughter and son were crying then," What happened? What's the matter?" Suddenly all of them started running towards the door where he was standing they passed through him. He was surprised. He turned back  all of them were running towards his dead body brought by police constables.

He was killed by MLA Krishna Rao who thought that being Divya's father he was responsible for his son's condition. Vijay told his father that he was the one who had saved his life. Rao was arrested by police.

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