Conversation - 1

Conversation - 1

Elections are very interesting in India,we learn some lessons during this procedure and decide not to repeat mistakes. But we are very innocent people, this conversation between a politician and a voter will give a glimpse of the situation.

During Election Campaign:

Voter: Sir we have no food, no water,no electricity.........

Politician: I am here for this only my dear. I will give you 24 hour water,24 hour electricity,food more than your hunger,free education for your children,jobs for jobless in your family,I will waive all your loans, I will give free treatments in hospitals, subsidies in petrol and gas.....

Voter: How we will get all these things?

Politician: You will get all these things at your door steps, I will personally check all this.

After Election Win:

Voter: Sir... Sir...Sir...

Politician: Some sound is coming from somewhere,guard close the door, I need a sleep now.

After 5 years during election campaign:

Politician: I am here for you only, I am always at your doorstep. I will give you 24 hour water...................

Voter: (to another voter) He looks a promising candidate, I will vote for him.

After Elections:

Voter: Sir.......

UBC Day 10


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