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Rhymed Confusion

Rhymed Confusion

Kapil and Riya were among those rare husband and wife which never fights or argue. They almost adjust with each other on matters of difference. Riya once said during their romantic conversation that she would prefer to die than hear some bitter words from him. Kapil at that time said,"we will never fight darling and if ever (may god forbid) any argument occurs we will resolve it by talking to each other politely." Since than they avoid circumstances which leads to quarrel between them.

But life did not follow our commands and sometimes its inevitable to bypass certain things. One day while cleaning the house Riya threw papers into garbage without checking them. Those papers were very important for Kapil and he might face humiliation in office for his negligence. In anger he forget all his promises and bombarded her with missiles from his mouth enough to start river of tears from her eyes. She went into the bedroom crying and locked it from inside.

After sometime Kapil realised his mistakes,he went towards the bedroom door and heard Riya talking with someone on phone. She said bun. He mistook it to be gun.  "Gun! Oh My God!." Riya's words started revolving around his had that she would prefer to die than hear some bitter words from him. She said on phone to bring that gun to her immediately. He knocked the door forcefully. " Riya please open the door, I want to talk to you." She didn't respond. "Who is bringing that gun? What is in her mind?" Fear was visible in his eyes," wait a minute man,if she wanted to kill herself than why with gun? She can use knife or poison. Is she planning to kill me? " That thought intensified his fear three-fold, he said to himself that she might had called a killer home with a gun to kill him and to settle the issue. He thought to leave the house before that killer came.

He took his car keys and moved towards the door. Suddenly door bell rang,he watched through the fish eye on the door. A tall man with heavy moustache was standing at the door having a packet in his hand." OMG, he has come he looks criminal by face." He didn't open the door and ran towards the back door." I don't believe Riya can do this to me,those words were not so harsh to decide to kill your husband." He drove his car to the police station and describe the scene,on duty officer told him to leave his car there and came with them to his house in their Police Jeep." We should move fast we might caught him red handed." Kapil said to the police officer.He saw that man on the road and pointed to Inspector who stopped him. Inspector slapped that man and asked him to give his gun to them." Gun sir, I am delivery boy of that bakery . We possess bun not gun." They went to the bakery where they came to know that Riya has ordered some buns and that man went to deliver those buns to Kapil's house.

Kapil apologized with Inspector for mistake arisen from his rhymed confusion. They dropped him to his house where Riya was waiting for him. She had prepared his favorite burger to mollify him and amend her mistake. He also said sorry and kissed her.

After sometime police constable came to give his car back. " Kapil what happened,how your car reached the police station." He smiled and said," Due to this gun,I mean bun darling." He explained whole incident to her after which they laughed for hours.

UBC Day 5

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  1. Oh, what a story! lol... So glad that it did not end badly. Guns are never fun.

  2. nicely written

  3. Gosh! How thoughtful of the wife to prepare her hubby's burger with BUN!
    A small fight and confusion about the GUN! What Fun! Congrats for WOW! :)


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