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Truth Is Relief

Truth Is Relief 

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We are humans , we lie each time we find ourselves in difficult situations to come out of it forgetting that a lie is easy in beginning but difficult afterwards unlike the truth which is difficult first and comfortable later. It is common to speak a lie , we all use it in various situations and the one who says that he or she hasn't told a lie was either an alien or be fooling others. A lie becomes a sin if it is hurting somebody emotionally and financially. It is realization of such kind of lie which snatches our sleeps. The feeling that our spoken words have betrayed some one's trust is hard to absorb.

Once during school days , a friend of mine brought out a book from library without being officially issued by the librarian in library period. He told me about it after the class. I didn't find anything wrong in it, "It is just a single book ". Next day when librarian came to know about the missing book, she came to our class and asked us about it. She inquired in each class which attended library the previous day. Both of us remained quite being aware of the consequences of speaking truth in front of class. We would receive humiliation and insult only. When librarian didn't find any information about the book from any class. She announced in all senior classes that no book would be issued before the recovery of that book.

Exams were near at that time many we needed so many books for preparations such an order was a big punishment for us and  a setback for our hopes for good results. The reason behind all of this was my close friend. Being aware of the truth I was also responsible for it. I told him that we must speak truth to avoid such punishment but he was scared. Fear was engulfing me also but I realized that bringing book out of library in this way was like stealing it and telling the truth was the right thing in that situation . 'Sach aur sahas ho jiske man mein ant mein jeet usi ki hoti hai' ,I told this to myself and took him forcefully to our class teacher and explained everything  to her. I was sure for her help because she knew we were not bad boys.

She handled the situation by talking to librarian and we came out unharmed with truth. Our fear was gone, wakai kitna chain hota hai sachai mein. Next day we were praised by Principal in assembly in front of school for telling the truth. He compared us with the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln in showing courage to do so. I always speaks truth , my lies are reserved for just small pranks and jokes only. In adverse circumstances it is sometimes problematic to speak truth but believe me truth itself eases such problems. We always gets relief from truth.

This video of Kinley commercial is affirming that belief about truth. Kinley drinking water is purity in every drop.

This post is written for Kinley Water Happy Hours in association with Indiblogger.


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