Naina's Diary - Part 2

Naina's Diary - Part 2

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Dear Diary,

I felt bad yesterday for badly behaving with him. That incident kept me awake all night,so I decided to confront him again today. I went to his office before going to mine, the bearded fellow was seating comfortably even after making a bad impression on me with his unkempt appearance. He stood from his chair after looking at me and said, " He told me that you will come." His words shocked me he wasn't the letter writing guy then why that uncle looking man confronted me in his place. If he was not him, he was the reason for his lost opportunity.

He explained that he was his friend and forced him to do so because he wanted to see what was his image in my mind and how would I react to someone on a cycle. My behavior has broke his heart and he left from here after giving this letter. He refused to tell me about his identity but he promised me to inform whenever he would return. His situation further came in front of me after reading his letter. He said in it that he was hesitant to reveal himself because of his low financial status and my rejection after seeing him on cycle proved him right. He said that he loved me and would always do so till the end of his life.

I was angry at his stupidity he should know that I recognized the internet cafe guy who was well to do and was only annoyed of his beard it has nothing to do with financial status but I thought now that I should have told the bearded internet cafe owner to shave first before chasing a girl. My straightforward 'no' misinterpreted my reasons. That mystery letter guy was gone now ,I don't know whether he shave or like his friend kept a beard but I will never forget him in my life. 

To be continued ...

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  1. An unexpected twist....waiting for the next part...

  2. Bang on post and characterization cum nuances plus twist make it a compelling read. Can't wait for next part:)

  3. Hi Cifar,
    I have accepted your tag for #WillYouShave campaign (here)


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