Rise Above Fear!

Rise Above Fear!

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Fear is only a four letter word but having numerous types which obstruct our path to success. Fear to talk to someone, fear to face the public,fear to go somewhere, fear of meeting new people, fear to climb a tree, fear of interviews, etcetera , etcetera, etcetera. The list is endless. You can see a similarity between all these examples, on one side of fear is the success or the result achieved after performing these activities and on another side its you, that means the only thing between success and you is your fear and when we rise above it we comes out as a winner.

I too have many fears like each one of us and there were many instances in my life where I faced them to come out as a winner at least for myself. In 2005 I was doing a degree course of multimedia and web designing in a computer training institute near my house. I preferred my bicycle for going there and on one fateful day in November of that year when I was returning from the institute a speeding car hit my bicycle from behind and I became unconscious on the spot. Some rickshaw puller standing nearby stopped that car and forced the driver and her companion to take me to the hospital.

I remained in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for six days before coming back to my senses all thanks to efforts of doctors and prayers of my family & friends. It was a new life for me. The wounds on my legs confined me to bed for about a month. After coming back to normal routine it was time to complete the course, the institute allowed me to continue my course with another batch and I faced no problem from their side. But the real problem was waiting inside me, my fear to ride a bicycle again, my fear to go back on road, my fear that this would not happen again. During recovery period talks of well wishers intensified my fear more, " Do take care when you go on cycle again. " " Take someone along with you when you go out." " Don't ride a cycle again." " You know this could me more fatal. God has given you a new life." These kind of instructions were demotivating. But my family said that I should go there again on cycle to face my fear.

I collected my courage and when I pushed the pedal of my cycle first time after recovering from accident I not only moved forward on road by I also moved forward from my fear. I felt victorious and as they say in Mountain Dew ads Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai ( There is victory ahead of fear). It was a very small thing but for one who have passed that condition of accidental trauma and hospital procedures it was among the biggest achievements of my life. I overcame my fear. I rose above fear. We must rise above fear to get success we deserve.  

This post is written for Happy Hours Rise Above Fear activity on Indiblogger.

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