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Safety Begins With Me

Safety Begins With Me

India is growing in every aspect at a very fast speed. It is good as far as developmental projects are concerned but their is also increase in deaths by road accidents at an alarming rate. With more than one death and four injuries every minute, India has the dubious distinction of reporting highest number of road fatalities in the world. Although we all like speed and growth but I am sure no one will be happy with this acceleration in deaths by road accidents. In most of the cases the prime reason behind the accident was driver's fault. 

When we are on road not only ours but others pedestrians and motorists safety also lies in our hand. Our when mistake could be fatal for us or for someone else. Since safety begins with the self, before going on road ensure good health of your vehicle, proper braking system,working indicators and lights,etc for a safe ride.

Following are measures according to me should be taken by individuals, governments,traffic department and vehicle manufacturers for road safety:

  • Use of seat belts in cars.
  • Proper braking system and tire condition for timely stoppage of vehicle.
  • Following traffic rules properly like driving in own lane,maintaining speed limits,stopping at traffic signals,taking turns with indicators on,to halt before zebra crossing,keeping a safe distance with other vehicles,etc.
  • Keeping stereo volume low while driving.
  • Not using mobile phones while driving.
  • Tires with strong road grip for two wheelers.
  • Traffic police and government departments must ensure timely checking of traffic signals for proper functioning in accident prone areas,presence of traffic policeman on busy roads & intersections,to catch traffic offenders and perform required action of fine or punishment without fail and with honesty.
  • Issuing of licence only after completing procedures of written test and driving test. Curb and arrest illegal traffic agents issuing licenses by bribing officials.
  • Car manufacturers must conduct proper safety checks of vehicles according to international guidelines. Most car running on Indian roads have failed such safety tests.
  • Introducing air bag technology in each car and seat belts for back seats also.
  • Punishing traffic offenders on urgent basis and increasing fines and punishment for traffic related offences.
These steps along with our strong will to keep our roads safe would help in reducing road accident related deaths.The Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. conducts Nissan Safety Driving Forum(NSDF) in India as part of its safety driving promotion.It began as an annual activity in 2012 with just three cities and since then extended to many other cities of India. It is creating awareness in road safety by conducting live stimulated experiences and also conducting sessions on importance of seat belts. They are working on changing the mindset of Indian masses regarding road safety.

Road traffic injuries were the ninth leading cause of deaths in 2004 and at the current rates according to the ministry it would be the fifth leading cause of deaths overtaking HIV/AIDS and diabetes by year 2030. Almost 3 percent of total GDP is lost in fatalities and road accident related injuries. Those who died are mostly pedestrians and motorcyclist between age groups of 25-65. Loss of life as well as money is a two way attack on growth of our country and as a developing nation we can't bear such loss. The time has come that we must follow traffic rules and tighten our seat belts whenever comes out on roads. We must also lend our supports to initiatives like NSDF

This post is part of NSDF an initiative by Nissan Motor in association with Indiblogger.


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