Achche Din Kab Aur Kaise Aayenge?

Achche Din Kab Aur Kaise Aayenge? 

He seems sleeping on all the issues. 

I remained critical about the way Narendra Modi government functions not because I don’t like him but the way he works and working for the country. In science WORK DONE is calculated by multiplying FORCE with DISTANCE (W = FD) which means the amount of work done is known by seeing the effect of the force applied in changing something. If we judge his work done on this simple formula we saw he has done nothing which has brought drastic change in the country or in its people.
 Let’s look at few of his pet projects.

  1.  Swach Bharat: Swach Bharat is repackaging of Manmohan Singh’s Nirmal Bharat with more emphasis on photo op and publicity. But still as I walk in the capital of the country I can see garbage all around and if this is the case with the Metro city we can judge the situation of rest o of the country. The condition of the people who are responsible for cleanliness has not improved. There jobs are still on contract basis. There is no one questioning their work done. So unless these things would be considered this will remain a dream.
  2.  Economy: He says he will bring ‘Achche Din’ or good days to the people but his most    important steps of improving economy of the country namely Demonetization and Goods & Service Tax (GST) has done nothing for the uplift of economy. Demonetization didn’t bring back Black Money, didn’t stop terrorism and naxalism, didn’t stop fake currency and neither brought assurance to common people that there money is safe in banks. GST on the other hand reduced taxes for the big corporate but put small businessman in trouble by increasing their cost of production.
  3. Corruption: The biggest issue of ‘Na Khaunga Na Khanedunga’ also failed when he said nothing on running away of people like Vijay Mallaya, Mehul Choksi and Neerav Modi. His silence on Rafale Deal scam is also a question mark on his commitment of curbing corruption. All evidences like bringing in Ambani’s name, reducing aircraft from 126 to just 36, etc are against him and his government but his indifference to the issue of clarifying his stand shows his weakness in dealing with corruption. On many other corruption issues he said just nothing which is irritating.
  4.  Farmers: He spoke many times about farmers’ condition and his commitment to improve this but they are not even allowed to raise their demands by entering into the capital of the country. They were stopped by using force on International Day of Non-Violence. Low MSP, high Diesel price, expensive cost of production all has worsen there condition.
There are more issues like Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas but we have seen crime against Dalits and minorities has increased in his tenure and he is seen following twitter handles that spread hatred for particular caste, community, religion and people with different views. His Rs 15 lac in each account slogan proved mere ‘Jumla’ as accepted by them. Jan Dhan accounts were opened but most of them are empty. Continuous falling of Rupee and increasing of petrol and diesel price daily is also his big failures because he used to criticize Congress government on these issues. 

These entire things and his unwanted boosting of self have decreased his influence on me and many others I am seeing around. Reducing every debate to Hindu-Muslim has just increased hatred in people’s mind. I can just say GOD SAVE INDIA.