Book Review : Blank Space

Book Review : Blank Space

Blank Space is a book of 100 inspirational Short Stories by 100 writers compiled by Dinesh Kumar Radhakrishnan and Edited by Preethi Venugopal and Barun Bajracharya. This book is published by Propel Steps. Here it is also necessary to mention that I am also among these 100 writers and story no. 4 :  'Zephyr' is written by me. I should also make it clear that my involvement with this book in no way make this review bias.

Cover : Cover is simple giving out positive waves much like the stories in this book, a Vodafone Zoozoo like image holding a page on it's back indicates holding on to the life even in troubled times. The rear is more interesting showing names of all the writers in a crossword manner.

Plot: There are 100 stories in this book which are all bound to a same thread i.e inspiration and hope. Stories ranges from love stories to heroic deeds, from suspense to sacrifice, from touching heart to shaking souls. They have everything to keep reader hooked to it.

Highs : The simplicity of each story is the high point of this book. It is maintained throughout the book by encouraging readers to use simple than complex words or sentences. Each story filled your heart with positivity. All budding and established authors tried to inspire readers with their feel good stories.

Lows : I think 100 stories are too much for a reader to read in one go. Some stories don't draw any conclusions or looks as incomplete to the reader making motive of the story unclear. 

Verdict : If you wants to fill your heart with hope and inspiration then this book is a right choice.

Rating : I would give it 3/5

You can buy this book from Propel Steps


  1. I appreciate your unbiased review. Congratulations for your story, hope to read it someday soon.

  2. Thank you Cifar. Just read the review. Thank you for being unbiased and notifying the pros and cons. You are right about the multiple themes because we dont know which theme will inspire whom. But anyone will find what they want from the book. :)

    Looking forward working with you again.



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