Will of Steel

Will of Steel

Apni Sharton Par Apni Duniya Banadi,
The Inke Irade Buland Aur Hausle Fauladi.

Only those who have extreme determination and the will of steel can only make the world of their choice. Life isn't always easy and likely more difficult for those who try not to follow the herd but to create their own way, their own destination. The things which looks almost impossible at times looks simple and easy if we look at those who have shaped their destiny with a mold of their choice.

Will Of Steel is an endeavor to honor unsung heroes of India who have crossed the hurdles of life with flying colors without thinking about it's repercussions. It is always difficult to achieve something for yourself in our country due to our social,mental and biological restrictions even than people achieve what they wants with their strong will and determination but the value of achievement increases many folds if somebody his getting the fruit of your toiling. I salute those who have dedicated their lives for the achievements and betterment of other. 

That's the reason why I have voted on willofsteel.in for Rufus D' Souza from Kochi, Kerala who is highly committed in training young boys to become better footballers, Dr. Debal Deb of West Bengal who is helping farmers to save indeginous rice varities and Gyanedra and Monika Purohit who are giving right to entertainment to deaf by dubbing Bollywood movies into sign language. 

The reason I voted for these people is that they are toiling their lives for the cause of the others they are perhaps earning a meager sum of money for their daunting task but if you examine they are getting almost nothing as outcome for their task. Their determination are bringing changes in the life of others like students,farmers and deaf people in above mentioned cases. I have also seen nationally or internationally recognizable faces in the list and the fact that we recognize them proves that they have achieved their share of fame while these unsung heroes are still waiting for a pat on their backs for their selfless services.   

Every achiever on willofsteel.in's wall is a winner in itself, they are doing their work selflessly and they will continue to do the same even if they don't receive a single vote on their name. However our one vote on their names would energize their will to face more difficulties on their way so what are you waiting for visit WILLOFSTEEL.IN and vote for the story appears inspiring to you enough to instill inspiration in you also. Match their matchless willpower with the power of your votes.

I’m voting for (Rufus D'Souza, Dr.Debal Deb and Gyanedra Purohit-Monika Purohit)’s#WillOfSteel and blogging on BlogAdda to help them get felicitated and eventually enabled by JSW.


  1. Very nicely portrayed :)

  2. These people are contributing to a greater cause and are very inspiring.


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