The Lost Love (Part - 1)

The Lost Love (Part - 1)

Abhishek was happy after talking to Saya his new-found online friend on phone. This was the first time he talked with her and the icing on the cake was her acceptance of his offer to meet him. He first encountered with Saya’s write up on , he was so much impressed with her writing that he started following her and spend long hours online to get a chance to talk to her. Every article, poem, story of her mesmerized him to an extent that he read them again and again.

Saya’s writing came to him as a welcome relief after his breakup from Sandhaya . He felt that she was writing for his condition, to ease his pain, to lift his spirit. Each word of her filled his heart once again with love whose arrival he thought impossible when Sandhaya left him abruptly few weeks ago. He knew Sandhaya from his childhood, their parents were family friends so they automatically became friend when they were children. The childish affection grew into unbreakable friendship of the teenage which further converted into love. They never felt the need to admit their love because it was understandable with the way they treated each other.

But the fruit of love ripen only after the test of time.  Things changed between them after completing their studies when they were searching for jobs in order to pursue the career of their choice. Abhishek started getting irritated with Sandhaya’s undue concern for him. He felt her obsession for him was ruining his life. He was unable to concentrate on his career goals. She inquired about his whereabouts every time he was away from her and when he got a job in a multi national company she also applied for a job there which annoyed him.

“Sandhaya! Stop following me like this we are not children now.”  He said sternly.

“But we are still friends and I love you. I always wanted to be with you.” She said in her usual enthusiasm without bothering about his anger. Her behavior further angered him.

“Stop your nonsensical talks. For the god’s sake give me some space in my life.” He turned his face away from her.

“Oh! You don’t even wants to see my face. You are a changed man Abhishek. I never expected this from you.” She started crying.

“You forced me to behave in such a way by sticking with me like a ghost.” He didn’t care that she was crying.

“These silly concerns about you, caring for things you like, …” she continued talking while sobbing ,”these used to be the things you liked in me and now you are saying that these things are burden on you. My continuous talking which you see as fulfillment of your nature of taking less now annoying you.”

They both remained silent for some time and then she spoke again,” Abhishek I think  my time in your life is over and you are right that we must find our own ways.”

 He realized that evening that he was too harsh on Sandhya but she never spoke to him after that incident and within a week of it she went to London for a job she rejected before to be with him. Although he wanted that she didn’t interfere in her life he never wanted her out of his life because he knew how difficult it was for him to live without her. She was his only friend and he knew that she too didn’t have any friends in her except him but strong love give rise to strong anger.  She didn’t give her phone number to him and when he got it from her parents she didn’t responded to his calls. He was shattered with her behavior and consoled himself that she would be fine with time as she could not resist talking to him for a longer time. He started living a lonely life spending most of his free time at home with his computer writing on his blog or just reading what others were writing. Sandhaya’s absence in his life made everything boring for him and it was only after reading the write up titled ‘The Lost Love’ that something sparkled inside him. It was the write up written by Saya.

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  1. I think he will know later that Saya is none but Sandhya herself. :)


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