The Death Under The Feet

The Death Under The Feet

Earthquake is a natural disaster which we can't predict, from which we can't run away. Where would a person go when the ground below his/her feet his shaking. It is difficult to escape from it and only your luck and precautions help you live in such a situation. After the Nepal Earthquake of April 25 death toll of which has increased to 5000+ till now you must be aware of the precautions you must take during earthquakes thanks to our print and television media. 

But I want to highlight that nature is forcefully altered for human gains which are resulting in loss of human lives much more than expected from such calamities. The mushrooming hotels,resorts and human settlements in hilly terrains are protruding by cutting trees and damaging natural structures resulting in natural imbalance. Moreover the construction work on such places are not done according to the environment of those places. Earlier people used wood, soil and rocks to construct their houses in mountain areas which are now replaced by bricks, mortar and cements. The houses constructed with modern technology causes more destruction than those build with ancient technology. 

The destruction by Uttarakhand flood and now by Nepal earthquake should be taken as warning signals from the Almighty to amend our ways. We should also use technological advances in building houses in such areas but according to the environmental and ecological conditions. Trees must be preserved in any ways. It is true that we can't predict earthquake but we can predict the damage caused by it if we started rating our buildings and houses for safety in earthquake.

The world today stand in support of Nepal for quick recovery from the damage caused by earthquake. The help of Indian government is also remarkable in this scenario. But few people find opportunity in such calamities to make money. Today everyone is asking for donations for victims of earthquake but few actually send money and things to the right place, so you must donate cautiously so that your hard earned money reaches to the right place. Prime Minister Relief Fund, NGO's of media houses and some government approved NGO's are better place to donate. 

I pray to god for the quick recovery of the injured and peace for those who have lost their loved one in this disaster. India specially parts of  Bihar is also affected by this earthquake I pray for quick relief for them also. Below is a video showing extent of damage caused to life, property and history by the earthquake. 


  1. So true, in the name of development we destroying lives.


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