Safe Skin Healthy Baby - 2

Safe Skin Healthy Baby - 2

In a joint family like mine when a child comes, he/she becomes the responsibility of whole family and not just the parents. My involvement and observation of child care prompted me to right one more post for #SoftestForBabySkinActivity. Naturally child's skin is soft because it remains submerged in amniotic fluids and sebum (oil on baby's skin) keeps it moisturized. Thus to maintain a soft skin we must adhere to the natural ways. Vernix outer covering of child which go away in two to three weeks after birth protects child skin from wrinkling inside amniotic fluids and maintain natural oils in the body after birth. As I also mentioned in the first post frequent bathing should be avoided in first few weeks. 

Here are some more points which helped in keeping baby skin soft : 

  1. Lukewarm water should be used to clean baby skin. It helps in keeping child skin soft and also keeps a child warm which further protect him from Pneumonia, cough and cold. Even when you are using lukewarm water ensure that bath frequency should not exceed in first few weeks or should be restricted to cleansing of diaper area which only gets dirty in an infant. This will protect child skin from much exposure to external environment and hence keep skin soft.
  2. Cotton soft diapers should be used to avoid skin infections and rashes. Cotton let air pass through it which keeps child skin dry. Cotton cloth made diapers are good for this purpose but during winters and in rainy days, it becomes difficult to dry them quickly. Moreover you need to change them instantly because they don't keep skin dry resulting in itchiness, redness and rashes. New Pampers cotton soft pant style diapers is good alternative for cotton cloth made diapers , they are convenient to use without any shortcomings of cotton cloth diapers.
  3. Oil massage before giving bath will not only keep skin soft but also makes bones healthy. You should be careful while messaging for temperature around, cold temperature leads to cough and cold. If possible massage under mild sun rays as intense sun rays may cause skin burns. 
  4. Treating baby acne or pimples softly. Baby acne or pimples are not like one we develop during teenage years they go by themselves and squeezing them or applying some chemical lotions may harm baby skin. Pimples or Whiteheads on baby skin are due to fungal infection and not because of excess oil secretion, thus proper baby cleansing is enough for treating them. If you squeeze them they may left a mark or tight the baby skin on that area snatching its natural softness.
  5. Avoid excess powdering. Infant skin doesn't really need powdering just dry clean the area and its done. Powder may stick to wet areas making it prone to infections. Moreover infants if powdered frequently can inhale powder particles which may cause lung problems in the future. If powdering is necessary use natural ingredient based powder which is soft on skin and if inhaled doesn't harm much to the baby.
This points and a mother's love care will keep the bay skin soft and healthy.  

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