Diary Confessions - 8

Diary Confessions - 8 ( Naina's Diary)

Dear Diary,

From last one month I am sharing with you letters I am receiving from the day I have joined my new job. I never shared them with anyone in my family not even with my sister because I liked what he wrote,those love couplets, stanzas in admiration of my beauty I loved them all without knowing who was sanding them. I build a place in my heart for him and was keen to meet him. I placed a letter yesterday at the spot he kept letters for me with description of my desire to meet him.

Today when I was going for a conference held in a hotel with my driver I saw a boy following me on a cycle. I was sure it was him for the way he was peddling to come closer to the car but I couldn't see him clearly as my car raced ahead. I was getting late so I left my meeting with him to fate. When I came out from hotel after the conference I saw the same cycle on other side of the road I ran quickly to see him. But no one was standing near it. Suddenly, some one called my name from behind, I turned and saw a bearded man. He was young but looking older than his age because of that heavy beard. He extended his hand to introduce himself as Rishi the owner of cyber cafe in the same building I worked, the boy who wrote those letters to me. I was shocked not for who he was but for how he was. I told him to stop giving those letters and returned.

I should have asked him, "Will you ever shave in your life?"I don't know what I did was right or wrong but you couldn't impress me with that unkempt appearance and why the hell he was chasing me with a cycle when he had a motorbike with him. Forget him I don't want to think about him anymore.

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  1. hmm heavy beard makes guys look older than their age :(
    Hey Thank you for accepting my tag
    I am following ur blog on gfc
    I hope u follow back

  2. a heavy beard!! that's a complete no no from me :)

  3. Wonderful.. no no.. Excellent story!!!

  4. Accepted the tag., Cifar. Here is my post. : http://thevoidthoughts.com/2014/12/19/the-new-day/

  5. Nice story and I would definitely say no to a beard man...

  6. Accepted the tag! :)
    here's my post:
    keep blogging!

    1. sorry but I have no more posts to write and no more time for it to


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