Reflections Of A to Z Challenge

Reflections Of A to Z Challenge

This was my first A to Z challenge participation and I am excited that I have survived it. It was a unique experience in many ways. It extended my writing limits and taught me blogging time management as I visited many blogs during the challenge,commented on each post I visited,followed many and also got few new followers.

I started this A to Z journey without having any specific theme in mind. I just thought to put write ups with the letter of the day but as I wrote I realized that all my fictions were relationship based and each story whether a short story,a 55 fiction,a Drabble (100 word fiction) or even a six word story explored different dimensions of various relationships like a mother discovering a child in Amateur Writer or a strange bond with a stranger in Damsel Of The Night  ,discovery of new love in three part series Girlfriend, obsessive love relation of Mine Forever , marital love of One Day ,betrayal in love of Run Away , bond of friendship in Unusual Demand , relationship with one's dream in Viscous Solution , teacher-student love and respect of two part Zephyr.

I gave a special touch to this challenge by maintaining that not only title of the post depict the letter of the day but each post's first word  starts with that letter. I wants to thank all who have visited and commented on my blogs. I got few re-tweets on Twitter also for which I want to give a special thank to Arlee Bird. Now I am already prepared and excited for the next year. Since there are too many blogger participating in this challenge it becomes difficult to visit all even once. There should be random grouping of blogs under each co- host and one must visit all blogs of one's group and follow them if one likes, that doesn't mean you can't visit blogs in other group but you must cover your own group during that month. This I think will make stronger connections among blogger.

I hope you all liked my blog, please comment if you have some suggestions,appreciations or anything else in your mind. Thanks A to Z challenge team and all co-hosts for providing such a big platform to blogger to connect with each other and a pat on your backs for a wonderful work this year. 

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  1. Congrats on surviving the challenge, cifar :) Nice to know you were a participant ! Shall read your stories soon !

  2. Well done for completing the challenge.

    I agree that I think the list could be organised a little better to make it easier to keep track of which blogs you've visited. I ended up moving over to reading the blogs with 100 followers or less towards the end of the challenge. Now I'm working through all the Reflections posts and then I'll move over to the Road Trip ones. :-)

  3. You did well. I agree that the list is massive. I would like to find a different way to do the list but it would require programming knowledge that I don't have. Hopefully we will find the way to accomplish this to accommodate the needs of more participants.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Hi Cifar - I guess I commented on another of your blogs - that I couldn't find your Reflections post .. but see you've entered twice ..

    Well done on completing the A-Z .. the first time is always working one's way through and how and what one can do .. .it's impossible to get all over .. but fun meeting good friends and fellow bloggers ..

    Cheers and happy blogging year ahead .. Hilary

  5. Congratulations on completing the A to Z challenge . I will read some of your stories. During the challenge we were all busy reading the bloggers in one particular group.


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