Time To Transform

Time To Transform

If you are not satisfied with usual travel norm,
wants a technological storm then its time to transform.

If you are one those who fits the above couplet then I think ASUS transformer Book T100 is the right choice. I am also one of those who remained hooked to a PC,laptop or mobile device to remain online 24 x 7 and hence travelling appears to be a nightmare. But you can't carry a PC with you everywhere and laptops and mobiles if used for web surfing eats battery like a hungry child eats a chocolate at one moment you see it intact and complete and at other moment you discovers only traces of it same happens with batteries. 

ASUS T100 provides 11 hours of continuous web browsing enough for playing online games,watching online movies,listening songs or even writing a blog post as travelling in beautiful serene ignites beautiful ideas.
Owing to its fast processor ( Intel AtomTM processor Z3740 (upto 2.3GHz,2M) ,I am not a tech geek to know that but I know more GHz means more speed which is must for faster processing of any device while playing games,downloading e-books,etc. Since it ASUS T100 is 2 in 1 writing articles on the go is as much handy as to play games as Windows says Work easy. Play Hard. It also has Microsoft Office 2013 inbuilt thus transforming working experience.

I am sure this ultra portable laptop with 10 inch tablet would make it difficult to travel with a companion as being hooked to it who cares to know who was sitting adjacent to you, ya but I could talk to him/her online. Gone were the days when one needs to carry a laptop for official work and a tablet for playing music and games while travelling and when we are getting power of two in one device then why not we prefer it for others. I found it very sleek looking and stylish which would make it easy to carry anywhere. Its easily fits into any bag reducing requirement to carry extra baggage of a laptop.Look at it in this video :

ASUS T100 would transform the mobile lifestyle by mobilizing all technological needs while travelling without worrying about charging in between. I hate charging devices more than once in a day so I consider that device useless which requires charging in every four-five hours. In the end I want to summarize the things that keep me hooked to this transformed T100 with these lines:

Playing games,reading books,talking to friends,
Take charge of power that never wants to end,
Performance and looks breaking all previous norm,
Keeping myself inform with (ASUS T100) time to transform.

This post is part of Time To Transform initiative by Asus India T100 at Indiblogger.in 


  1. ASUS transformer Book T100 has really impressive specs. 11 hours of battery life is simply cool especially while travelling. Good luck for the contest!


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