Borosil Biryani

Borosil Biryani

My brother and I usually ate lunch at office but on that day there were guests in house some relatives unknown to me so we were supposed to come home for lunch. I usually skips such occasion and even lunch but I heard that chicken biryani was in the menu. Thought of juicy chicken legs in basmati rice was enough to accelerate your hunger and avoiding this delicacy is a sign of a fool. 

As I reached home dastarkhan ( a mat used for serving food) was already placed with salad plate artistically displaying round shaped cucumbers, tomatoes and onions sprinkled with chaat masala( a type of spice mixture)and a tomato shaped as a flower was placed in between them. A raita bowl sprinkled with roasted cumin powder was looking like a full moon with black scars on it,the aroma of roasted cumin diverted my thoughts towards my another favorite Dahi Wada of famous chaat corner in our area. There were red chilly sauce,pickles,etc setting the mood for delicious lustrous lunch but the hero of the platter was missing. My eyes looked around for it's glimpse while nose was enjoying the odor of garam masala (a mixture of spices like cinamon,cloves,black cardomom,etc.) coming from kitchen.

At the instance when nose gets used to that odor ,the hero arrived in my sister-in-law's hand. I was unable to see it sitting in the ground. That moment I realized why Borosil Glassware is a must. It gave you an idea beforehand of what you are going to eat. We can enhance beauty of the food by presenting it in them as they say what looks good tastes good. Their availability in different shapes and sizes make them suitable for every dish. I wished we could have Borosil Glassware looking at the biryani.

Every single rice grain was shining like a pearl separated from each other, glazed brownish chicken legs beautifying the biryani lying above the double colored ( original color and saffron color) long basmati rice grains,brown fried onion along with garam masala were scattered over it making it more beautiful. The aromatic steam vapors were dragging me to swim in this dish blended with spices of beautiful odor which engulfing me to its bosom. My mouth was watering ,taste buds were craving but I was waiting for someone else to start. Meanwhile I thought that a transparent serving dish would give a better glimpse of what lies beneath, those colorful rice grains would have shined much better in it. Finally someone begins serving, my number came at the end. The rice were well cooked,and chicken pieces were breaking on a slight touch perfect for the biryani. I finished first and remembered how apt was a shayar (poet) about biryani in his sher (couplet):(That shayar was actually me):

Muhn mein jo ghul jaaye uss murg ki chahat hai,
Mehekte hue narm narm chawal se hi rahhat hai,
 Mil jaayein jo ye dono nazara-e-jannat hai,
 Jab rukne ki na tabiyat ho wahi Biryani-e-Lazzat hai.

(which translates as I have desire of a chicken which melts in mouth,fragnant soft rice only gives satisfaction,their amalgamation is sight of heaven,finest biryani is when you don't wants to stop eating.)

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