The Man,The Legend,The Role Model

The Man,The Legend,The Role Model

The Man who belongs to a sport the name of which became synonymous to his name. The man who redefined that game with the way he played converting all previous records to his name and creating other milestones which were hard to reach by the next generation. The man which infused that sport in the veins of that country which still struggles to get timely food, shelter and clothes but watches and plays that game to be like him. The sport I am talking about is cricket which we all Indians eats,drinks and breathes and the man is Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar.

India is known by his name in the world. The fame he brought to the country with his phenomenal cricket is an inspiration to the whole generation of young cricketers. Many cricketer of current Indian team like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag, etc gave him the credit to attract them towards the game and why only Indian cricketers foreign cricketers and the whole generation of of his era was glued to cricket due to him.

But what makes him the legend and the role model is not his cricketing records because someone would break them someday but his passion,sportsmanship and behavior on and off the field .His never say die approach in life. He never misbehaved with any senior or junior player he played with,encouraged younger generation keeping his own interests aside,supported his captain and coach in every situation, remain spotless at a time when match fixing hold every cricketer's collar, remain a true champion of the game even off the field with the way he conducted himself in public. We see today's cricketer indulging in brawls and fight with each other or displaying arrogant behavior publicly ill-treating fans and media for their little feats while he remained down to earth even after achieving so much.

There was a time when he was above the game but he never took appreciations to his head and always remained humble to everyone. His clean image, his soft spoken attitude, his sportsmanship, his tendency to take criticism positively and his principles(refused to endorsed a liquor brand) sets and examples for others to follow. Now he is separated from all forms of cricket after his retirement but the cricket is not separated from him. Commentators,viewers,spectators,opposition,captain still search for him in others that's what a role model is all about always in your mind to encourage and inspire you. 

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  1. Master Blaster is a great role model, Cifar. He'll continue to inspire all.


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