My Brother,My Role Model

My Brother,My Role Model

In the course of life it is not the one man or one moment which inspires to be better and the best but anyone you come across in your life teaches you something valuable. These lessons we learn from them improves our lives and make us better making these men our role model whom we tries to imitate.

When I was a child my families financial condition was not very good. My father suffered a huge loss in his business. One or the other borrower queues daily at our door for their money while we didn't have enough money to afford even food. My father was shattered, it was at that time my mother and brother stood for him. My brother leaved his study and started learning some work. He learned machine embroidery work in only four months for which others took a year or so to learn and then he started his own work with some financial support from my parents who at that time opened a grocery shop.

I was very young at that time but I still remembered that my brother had one embroidery machine at home also in which he sets designs to show to clients to get orders for the same. Sometimes he worked till 2 or 3'o clock in night. He was passionate for his work and wanted to be a manufacturer of men's sherwani and kurta pyjama. It was his dedication and hard work that he became one in just three or four years and launched his own brand "GULMOHUR" which manufactures men's wedding attire. Today he is a successful businessman and I am also working with him.

He is so much dedicated to his work that he considered everything else secondary to it. When he was learning embroidery he remained surrounded by people who smoked,chewed tobacco,drank alcohol,etc but he never developed such habits. Even now when he went for business trips with clients or suppliers he refused their such offers. He always helped others without looking at his own interest, has a soft heart which easily melts listening someone's problem for which he was betrayed several times and is witty the qualities he inherited from his father which I don't found in me. He has enhanced his father's reputation in the society being his representative after his death. He takes good care of our needs. If I started writing about things he had done for me and rest of the family then this post is never going to end.

His perfectionism as a son and a brother makes it difficult for me to achieve his levels. When I grew up, there are already many standards set by him which I have to match. People says that son changed after marriage but he changed for the better becoming more caring for family specially mother. The way he conducts himself as a husband and a father is also setting an example for others. His confidence, hard work, his passion and dedication for his work are those qualities which I wants to own. My brother inspires me to believe in your dreams and gave your hundred percent to make it a reality.

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  1. That's really inspiring. In the times of adversity he remained strong, confident and sincerely took all the responsibilty. He is a true example of success. What he dreamed he turned it into real. A responsible person can only play all his roles and manage relations nicely because he cares for everything and everyone. Cifar, I can feel the great respect, love n affection you owe to him. You are lucky to have such a caring brother. My best wishes to both of you and family.


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