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Real Togetherness

Real Togetherness

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‘It’s a small world!’ Really! We don’t know our neighbors, our distant relatives and are unaware of people in our societies and localities and we say that it’s a small world. Perhaps we started believing our smart phone or computer screen as the world because for many of us it is the world. Our friends live in it, we have sessions of hangout there, we grow our circles, poke each other, send hugs and kisses and even share our feelings without being aware of each other’s reality in the real life. We have forgotten what real togetherness means.

Real togetherness for me is doing things collectively. Being together in good or bad times and stand for each other in time of trouble. It was togetherness of human species which resulted in the growth of humans as supreme force on earth. We befriended nature collectively for helping us in our every endeavor. Nature remained our binding force by giving us opportunity to grow together like in farming, sailing, fishing, etc. Today when we hardly get any chance to come together nature could help us in doing so. 

Disturbing natural balance often give us floods, droughts, tsunami, earthquake and many other natural disaster but these disasters brings us together as a community and as human beings and if this destructive side of nature could join us as humans the positive side of it could do wonders for us. In villages children accompany their parents to farms which bring them closer to nature but in cities there is no such practice. Parents are so busy in life that they don’t find time to spend with their children, if they took out some time to indulge their children in planting seeds or watering in garden area or just accompany them to gardens and park to admire natural beauty in flowers and birds then they could experience a real togetherness with you. 

Kissan India provides seeds to plant in kitchen gardens or society garden which could bring the whole locality together for their care. This video gives a glimpse of this togetherness. Efforts by an old man and some children were appreciated and accompanied by whole society as one. They come together leaving behind their smart phones and busy lives in growing and saving the plants. (See video to know more.)

Real togetherness is when we enjoyed doing something together and thus realize the beauty of conversation and interactions with each other. It is not difficult if we give ourselves sometime for this, an opportunity to bring out our real social side as human and not the virtual social side which we display all over the net and which many times is not the correct resemblance of our personalities. When we come together we discover different aspects of not only others but of ourselves as well. 


  1. You're absolutely right, we should go out of the box we imposed to ourselves not aware that all the amazing things and feelings are out of it.


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