Book Review : The Secrets of The Dark

Book Review : The Secrets of The Dark

The Secrets of The Dark written by Arka Chakrabarti is first part of the series The Saga of Agni. This book is published by Shrishti Publishers and Distributors and I have received this book as a part of Book Review program by The Reader's Cosmos. The series is a fantasy fiction about adventures of Agni.

Cover : The cover justifies the title by depicting some dark figures signifying The Seven which were discussed in the book. It's an ordinary design and after reading the book I think this could be better if a picture of Agni surrounded by some shadows at the background of a burning ship would be there, anyways it is not a bad cover design.

Plot : There are two stories running simultaneously in the narrative which may connect in the next part:

  1. Agni was an orphan found at sea shore by Briksha a merchant sailor and raised as King Adhirath's ward along with Prince Yani and Briksha's son Vrish. Agni loved Briksha's daughter Malini and wanted to marry her to experience the joy of a family he never had. She died along with her father at an accidental fire in their ship when Agni and Vrish were at festival of Trinetra in the city of Himadri at The Land of the Rising Sun. His last meeting with Malini on her death bed revealed that fire was not an accident but a planned act of killing. His search for truth lead him to discover his past and the motive of his birth. Agni and Vrish in journey full of dangers uncovers many secrets to know the reason behind Malini's death. Will they overcome all dangers to know the secret?
  2. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Leu in The Land of The Setting Sun was under threat from Beast's attack after the seat of king became empty because of ill health of King Crux who had only a daughter Princess Lysandra which according to the law of land is not entitled to become heir to the throne. The Lysandra known as warrior princess decided to have a war to regain their city than to give her kingdom easily to them. Will she win? 
Thriller : How story unfolds in a captivating narrative is the highlight of the book. Author has beautifully created a new world and have made it believable in a fantastic way. You started thinking that such a land really exists and all of them, Darshana, King Arkansas, Mahaguru Sidak, Agni, etc are real characters. The suspense is maintained till the end and it unfolded naturally in the climax without extra efforts. The book is part of a series but where it finishes it completes a chapter properly and reader not feels that it is incomplete.

Spoiler : Malini was killed without exploring romantic side of Agni which further detaches reader from Agni's pain of her loss. I think the story of Kingdom of Leu shouldn't be there but told in next chapters. Here in this chapter it stops the flow of narrative and make this book a lengthy read. 

Verdict : If you love adventure, if you love thriller, if you love suspense, if you love fantasy or if you just love reading a good fiction than this book is for you. A thrilling tale of an unknown world which looks believable. 

Rating : I would give it 4/5.

I have read the second part much before the first part. The Book Review of second part : The Rise of Grey Prince.

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  1. I enjoy thrillers and fantasy. From your review this book sounds a good read.


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