The Rise of The Indian Taliban

The Rise of The Indian Taliban

Family of Mohammad Akhlaq

If we were against Taliban and their atrocities in Afghanistan then we must raise our voices against the emergence of the same in India the country known in the world for peace and humility. The new trend of curbing rational and scientific thinking evident from the murders of rational thinker M.M. Kalburgi and Narender Dhobalkar. Bans of different kinds to restrain freedom of people. Killing or abusing of people who speak against any wrongdoing. Confining women to homes. These are all signs of the rise of Indian Taliban i.e the group of fanatics which think what they are doing is right and every one must follow their will.

These groups are dividing society on the basis of religion to spread their agenda by creating animosity between the communities. Recent public lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq in Dadri village of UP for alleged possession of beef which was not even banned in the state and killing of a Muslim youth in Kanpur area by projecting him as a Pakistani terrorist confirms the reach of Hindu fanatics in the interiors of our villages. Since the time Modi government has came in power such incidents have increased drastically, groups claiming them as torch bearer of Indian culture beat Muslim youths seen talking to Hindu girls, they don't allow them entry in Garba and other such celebrations which are breaking 'Ganga-Jamuni' culture of India to intermingle in each other's festivals. Hindu dominated societies deny flats to Muslims, some companies inclined to their thinking don't give jobs to Muslims. This have never happened in the country so openly before, a trend which is a threat to India's unity.  

Below is the table showing trend of the rise of The Indian Taliban : 


·         Eat according to Islamic beliefs. (Pork Ban, Liquor Ban)

·         Women should not study, work, should remain covered.

·         Religious education of Quran and other Muslim scriptures.

·         Other faiths not allowed.

·         Attacks on people of other religion and destroying their religious places.(Destructions of ancient Jain temples)

·         Western education and traditions is state enemy.(Attack on Malala Yusufzai)

·         Public lynching of offender.

·         Eat according to Hindu beliefs. (Beef ban, meat ban)

·         Women should not work (leads to male unemployment – Chattisgarh text book) , Should keep long hairs.

·         Religious education of Geeta, Vedas and other ancient Hindu scriptures.

·         Other faiths need Ghar Wapsi.

·         Attacks on people of other religion and destroying their religious places. ( Church attack in Haryana,W.B, mosque attacked in U.P, Bihar.

·         Western culture against our tradition.

·         Public lynching of offender.

Uttar Pradesh is witnessing highest number of communal clash cases, riots incidents and hate crimes. Akhilesh Yadav's failure in curbing these incidents is an open secret, Mulayam Singh Yadav's sudden soft heart for Narender Modi and then allowing of communal clashes in the state I think have something to do with CBI inquiry scheduled against him. Whatever be the reason but the common people are facing the burnt of this fire. The victims of riots are not limited to people of Muslim or any other minority community but poor people of all religions suffers its brutality. 
Tweet: #Dadri incident indicates rise of #IndianTaliban via @cifarshayar
The spread of fanaticism of any kind is injurious to the health for a progressive society. These fanatics bring the rocks of culture,tradition and religion in the way of development by limiting our thought processes and thus cutting our wings of free thinking. A strong action is required against these forces and when we have Prime Minister who believes that communal-ism is poison for society, I hope for a strong and effective action against these incidents. I also wants to appeal to the people of all  the communities to not give your ears to the rumors by hate mongers. Whatsapp and facebook are good to connect with friends but these days they are used mostly to spread hate messages which you must avoid to send further for the development and betterment of the nation. 


  1. Beautiful post. Well written.
    Fanaticism and hate of any kind are very dangerous for the country.
    But who (which ruler /politician) is bothered about the country....?


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