Triumph of Democracy

Triumph of Democracy - Part of India Series 

Indian public for time and again have proved that public is the king in the democracy. No wave, no cult figure is strong enough to rule the mind of the country which after years of betrayal is no more ready to be dominated by any one in any way. These are the instances which keep alive the hope in the constitution of our country.

Delhi Assembly Election results with historical victory of Aam Aadmi Party have  reconfirmed the same thing. This is not only the victory of Arvind Kejriwal lead AAP but of the people of Delhi. The unbeatable Modi-Shah combination tastes a defeat after an eight month show of arrogance and one man leadership. The man who never falls short of words on any issue remained silent on his party's MP flabbergasted remarks against minority communities. He never spoke against  'four children remark' issue, 'Raamzado-Haram--do speech', omission of 'secular and socialist' from the preamble of the constitution, attacks on Churches in Delhi, Ghar Wapasi row, etc instead he flaunted Rs 8 lakh suit weaved with his name on it which was contrary to the image of common Chaiwala he projected before the 2014 general elections.

The connect he made through development agenda was lost after his swearing in as the Prime Minister of the country. He remained on a campaign trail building his international image during his foreign visits without any benefit for the country. People trust a person not merely for his great persona but also for the way one conducts oneself. The self proclaimed lucky man don't even realized that hundred of soldiers died in cross border firing and thousands of people lost their loved ones,their valued belongings in severe Kashmir flood after he became PM.

The mandate would be same for AAP if they fail in their promises to the people in the future. This Oh Yes Abhi! generation wants delivery at the earliest or at least want to see some work in the direction of that promises and not mere boosting of certain things you are doing. People say that Delhi is mini India owing to its diversity equivalent to the diversity of our country and that it gives direction to the nation by its action as in the past with Independence day movement, Emergency period, JP movement, VP movement, Anna movement, the fire ignited here spread to the nation. The recent Delhi Election coverage by foreign media also shows that world is also watching Delhi.

I hope that Modi government will mend its ways after these eye opener results and would not haste now to annul important policies and laws by previous government like MNERGA, land acquisition law, environment clearance law, etc. I also hope that Arvind Kejriwal's government would deal more professionally with the issues in Delhi and not with the quickness they displayed in 49 days. Till any big political historical event hail the democracy of India. 


  1. The public has shown that they are the true King Maker when it comes to their lives. The above thoughts echoes the gap between BJP campaign, attacks against minorities and of course, Aam Aadmi woes. Democracy is a lesson that many fail to pay heed to and ultimately pays for it.

  2. King is chosen by the Kingmaker. If King does not do his job well, he will lose it.

  3. It was a win of democracy and also freebies. AAP has package for everyone and you please don't be sound biased, Mr. Modi has done much more than you people write. Raamzada, Haraamzada and four children remark is not the reason, not just ghar wapasi, it is problem with us that we want free things. Fools were expecting 15lacs they cant be happy with ever growing gdp and HSBC developing productive graphs, they voted against modi who has given a 9 month corruption free government, he has just started and working hard. Delhi election is happened for a good reason, now people have something to compare, being a modi fan i stand with him and i know AK will soon give u all a good U-Turn. Till then enjoy and if you find time, and like to read hindi poems check my blog i have something for muffler mans.

    1. For your information gdp has not increased but the way it was calculated before has changed to give it an upward trend, 15 lac thing is coind by Mr Modi and not by us. I am not biased I praises things if government do good but yes I always remain critical about governments to have better outcome from them. If AK will give a U - turn than I will write against him also.Thanks for reading my post

  4. AAP victory is the victory of democracy.

  5. Actually this was BJP's strategy to lose this election. I read an article at least 15 days before the polls that BJP might want to lose the election for strategic reasons.


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