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Book Review : Rapescars

Book Review : Rapescars 

Rapescars is written by Gaurav Sharma a Mathematics teacher by profession. His first novel is Love @ Air Force. He also contributed a poem in The Essence of Eternal Happiness. Rapescars is published by Petal Publishers and I have received this book as a part of Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. This book is a story of an unusual revenge on her rapist by a rape survivor.

Cover : Cover design is nice and apt to the story. A rape victim putting fingers on her lips while the news of her rape has became a topic of debate on national media.A true reality of our society emerged from this cover.

Plot : Akriti a young college girl start loving a boy Raman Chaudhary who used to travel in the same bus which drop her to her college. After few casual glances Raman proposes her which began their relationship. She crosses all limits she decided for herself in his love and succumb to his advances of sexual relationship. After few sexual encounters he betrays her and invited his two friends to have sex with her. She was gang raped by them. The story then revolves around her fight of seeking justice and how she grew as a woman in her fight. It ends with her decision of an unusual revenge for her rapist.

Highs : The story is narrated by the girl who have faced this heinous crime thus perfectly highlights the psyche of a girl during her journey from being in love for the first time to the time she decides her fate. The court room trials are penned realistically one can easily feel the trauma of the victim and debate between defence and prosecution. The narrative is pacy which keep you to hold your seats till the end. Simple language and small chapters strengthen the grip of the plot.

Lows : The story take a downward turn near the end. The speed of the narrative slows down and you forgets that the narrator is a rape victim. Though I do believe in killing the crime and not the criminal even then I am unable to gulp the existence of such a perfect scenario to repent.

Verdict : A story which bring you face to face to the ferocity of rape and rape trials while highlighting the situation of victim's mind.

Rating : I would give it 3.5/5.

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  1. I dunno, sometimes feel it depressing to read such stories. But, laud the author's effort to highlight the plight of victims. True, it's scary when u have such demons that make no bones in destroying someone's life.


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