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The Masked Killer - Part 2

The Masked Killer - Part 2

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A pizza delivery boy reported the incident to the police.  Sangita was unconscious with wounds on her forehead when they brought her to hospital. Girish meanwhile telephoned her husband about the incident who immediately drove to return. He also interrogated her about the incident.

"See Inspector I am not getting what you are saying about robbery.I planned to visit the nearby town to surprise my husband working there on Valentine's eve when I noticed an abandoned car. There were blood spots at its back seats, a masked man with blood stained knife attacked me and when I became conscious I found myself on this hospital bed. I am sure someone was murdered by that masked man and you are saying that some robbers attacked me in my house." Girish and Victor looked at each other in disbelief after hearing her because a patrolling police unit have found a similar car described by Sangita but no dead body was recovered from the spot.

As they finished Aarav entered the room, met with officers and consulted doctors to take her home. Girish decided to meet them in the evening after investigating the spot she found the abandoned car.


"Victor what do you think? " Girish asked while sipping tea in his cabin after returning from that site of abandoned car. " We haven't found any dead body as Sangita believes but there was truth in her statement about the car." Victor was moving in the cabin with worried expressions. As a crime reporter he has reported and worked on many such incidences but that was a real mystery.

A constable interfere their conversation by giving them report of the blood spots they found in the car and informed about the owner of the car. " The car belongs to some Vandana Chaudhary and ..." His eyes was wide open to see her address. She was Sangita and Aarav's neighbor. " I need a complete history of Aarav, Sangita and Vandana immediately and also the details of their phone records." Girish ordered the constable.


" How are you feeling now my dear ? " Aarav asked Sangita when she woke up. " I am fine now." She repeated the incident of last night to Aarav. " Baby, this must be your dream. How can you present at two spots at the same time." That thing was also bothering her but she was sure that it wasn't a dream.


Inspector Girish reached Aarav's home and asked Sangita about VandanaAarav was more surprised to hear that name than Sangita. " Yes! She came to our home yesterday and introduced me as our neighbor. She wanted to meet Aarav but you know he was not there yesterday." Their attention turned to Aarav who started speaking before they asked anything.

" Vandana is my friend and our only neighbor but Sangita doesn't know her because she left India before our marriage but why are you asking about her." Do you know some Jatin." " No I don't know him." Girish told them that Jatin was Vandana's husband and she was here to complete the process of her divorce. Aarav told them that he didn't know that she was married. She was missing and that blood spots matched her blood group and police believed that Jatin has killed her.

At this point Victor reached and said something in Girish's ear. " Mr. Aarav where were you last night." " I am in another city for some work but why you are asking this to me Mr. Victor." Victor showed him the copy of his mobile bill record which shows his location at home. He was the one who ordered the pizza and perhaps he was the killer of Vandana.

" What rubbish are you talking Mr Victor, inspector why don't you told him that Jatin is the killer." Aarav was sweating in the AC room. " I am also saying that Jatin is the killer and Mr Aarav you are Jatin," Victor threw some papers on the bad in front of Sangita. Sangita read those papers and started crying she looked angrily towards Aarav which broke him down.

" I am sorry Sangita but I did everything for your love and because I don't want to lose you." Sangita spoke nothing , he continued." Vandana was my first wife whom I married as Jatin for her money. I even succeeded in transferring some of her property to my name. But she discovered my treachery and charged me for forgery & also filed for divorce. She shifted to America after that incident while her lawyers fighting her case and I came here to this lonely place without knowing that the adjacent house belongs to Vandana. She informed me about her arrival and it was than I planned her murder so that Sangita remain unaware about her. It was only a chance that she met Sangita."

"But Sangita's surprise spoiled your plan. She spotted you in mask with a knife.You hit at her forehead, bring her home in her car, call for pizza and set the story of a robbery so puzzle her." Girish finished the story and hand cuffed him."

" Mr Aarav if you truly love Sangita you have told her the truth. We usually forget that love is not in days we spend to earn happiness for each other but in days we spend together with each other." Police recovered Vandana's body from her swimming pool and informed her aunt in America about her death. Sangita still struggling to come out of this shock.


Part 1 + Part 2 Word Count = 1488 

This post is part of The Ultimate Story Writing Competition s organised by  - My World... My Words by Ashwin Kumar and A Rat's Nibble by Meera. 


  1. this is really thrilling. awesome plot n narration. enjoyed reading. All the best Shayar :)

  2. Great twist!! Loved it. All the best, Cifar :)


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