The Masked Killer - Part 1

The Masked Killer - Part 1

It was Valentine's eve and she was driving in an isolated road. She found it odd to see an abandoned car parked there with doors open. A distant cry triggered her to stop her car to check if things are alright. She peeked into the car's back door and found fresh blood spots at the back seats. That's when she witnessed a masked man approaching the abandoned car. She tried to hide herself but it was all in vain he noticed her car and knew that someone was intruding his privacy to complete his task of killing. Her futile running ended when he gripped her wrist and turned her to face him. A long blood dripping knife in his hand was enough to tell her his motive. She fainted when he brought the knife closer to her neck.


Sangita was not happy with Aarav sudden departure to nearby city for some work when Valentine's Day was knocking at the door which would also be their first wedding anniversary. " Can't you postpone this trip? I was waiting for that day from a long time and it was our first anniversary." She said dejectedly. " I know baby I have also planned for that day but I have to go this is urgent." He said to coax her. She packed his bags and accompanied him to the car. They hugged each other and he drove away to his destination.

Sangita and Aarav were married for almost a year. There love story was not lesser than a roller coaster ride. They were good friends in college and loved each other but both of them never expressed their feelings. They parted their ways after completing college and met in a college reunion after four years. Aarav thought it was some heavenly sign that they both were single even after these years and a right opportunity to confess his love to her. He proposed her to marry him which she readily accepted and they tied knots on Valentine's day.

She was in her thoughts when door bell rang. " Hi ! I am Vandana your neighbor. Is Aarav home? " A young girl in her late twenties dressed in modern attire surprised Sangita since there was only one vacant home adjacent to their. " I guess you are Aarav's wife." Sangita was still puzzled." Oh ! Actually this is my home but I lived in America. I am back in India for some unfinished work and am just arrived. Aarav is my only friend here so I thought to meet him first." Sangita welcomed her inside and told her about Aarav's absence. " You wait here I bring something for you." " No it's OK, I need some rest now catch you later, bye." Sangita was happy that she was not alone in this locality.


"Hi ! I am inspector Girish from the crime branch and he is Victor Bannerjee senior crime reporter from famous fortnightly magazine The Arbitrator and also my good friend."

"Am I alive?" Girish smiled at this question , "Yes madam you are alive and I think you are now fine enough to answer our questions. Did you see who robbed your house?"

" My house robbed ? Who robbed my house? She didn't understand what Inspector said to her as she was at the roadside of a deserted road.


This post is part of The Ultimate Story Writing Competition s organised by  - My World... My Words by Ashwin Kumar and A Rat's Nibble by Meera. 


  1. Good start.. Waiting for the second part.

    BTW, you can post the second part using the link. If the link is not allowing you to post, then you can drop your entry in the comment box

    1. I am glad that you liked it and thanks for clearing my doubts

  2. Lovely Cifar.
    This is a thriller!
    I have created my own "What happens next" story in my brain! After reading your Part-2, I'll confirm if I my guess is right! :)


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