Loud And Clear

Loud And Clear

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We all can give long lectures if we asked to present our views on Swach Bharat ( Clean India ) but we cornered ourselves when someone ask how you can contribute to it. We prefer silence at such instances than voicing our opinion. Our love for country and patriotism take a backseat. We say that 'humara ghar to saaf hai aur hum kahin gandgi bhi nahin phekte' (Our houses are clean and we don't throw our wastes anywhere) but remember not speaking against something equals to supporting it.

We see a heap of garbage on road side and move away quickly covering our noses and murmuring 'Yahan kuch nahi badlega' (Nothing will change here). We also move away when some government official come to inquire about incompetency of their staff in not doing their duty of cleanliness by saying that 'Is jhanjhat mein kaun pade' (Why to indulge in such mess). Similar instances happen if someone put garbage in a public place or anywhere according to their convenience. We remain silent even when we know that all these things are making our locality, our state, our country dirty. Our silence indicates that we also are responsible for this uncleanliness.

Its time we raise our voice and understand the power of our voices like Montu did. Montu denotes today's youth in Strepsils #AbMontuBolega campaign. He understands now that Ab Bin Bole Nahin Chalega and if your unclear throat is coming between speaking what is right then clear it with strepsils and speak loudly. This campaign encourages you to speak against various issues to have your opinion count and become the part of the change. Be the part of this movement by registering your opinion at  http://www.abmontubolega.com/ web page or at their  Facebook and Twitter pages.

Mahatma Gandhi said that "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" and he also said that " Be the change you want to see." I think that's says all. We must lead by example to point fingers at others. Keep your surrounding clean and tell others to join in doing so, wherever government help required call,write or visit the concerned official, try to raise awareness in those who defecate in open, litter anywhere, drive vehicles which are not pollution checked,etc. Sharing pictures of dirty places on twitter and Facebook could also be used to create awareness about cleanliness.

The process of change always starts with one voice raised against or in favor of something. Soon different voices combines to become one and then the power of these voices can bring drastic and immediate changes. So charged yourself so that Montu would not feel alone. Ab na sirf Montu balki Sonu,Monu, Pappu, Minni, Golu, Babbu, Chutki, aur baki sab bhi bolenge aur badlenge. We all will raise our voices against the uncleanliness and will make the dream of Clean India come true. 

This post is written for Strepsils' #AbMontuBolega in association with Indiblogger


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