Missed The Miss

Missed The Miss

23rd November 2011 was among the many bad days in my life. I am not among those who carry such bad days with them to curse God and their destiny but  I remembered that date because of a Ghazal I penned on that day. I am sharing few stanzas here to have a glimpse of what happened on that frightful day and then I will tell you the story behind it. 

Woh meri taraf dekh kar guzar gaye,
Na kuch kaha na baat ki,
Na ruk ke mulaqat ki,
Daal kar mujhpar bas ek nazar chale gaye,
Woh mei taraf dekh kar, dekh kar guzar gaye.

Socha ki awaaz doon,
Kisi tarah to rok doon,
Labon par,par lawz na aa sake,
Aur woh mere haal se yuhin be-khabar chale gaye,
Woh meri taraf dekh kar,dekh kar guzar gaye. 

(mulaqat - meeting, taraf - towards, Labon - lips, lawz - words, be-khabar - unaware )

First stanza can be translated as 'She looked at me and went away without stopping and saying anything' while second says, ' I thought to call her,stop her somehow but words seize to come out of my lips and she went away without being aware of my condition. You can read the rest here.

I saw a girl passing from front of me when I was standing on the bus stop of a place I went for some work. I was standing alone on that bus stop waiting for my bus. At that moment she looked towards me, I was also looking towards her at that time and yes we shared a eye contact and I think that she smiled at that instance but I don't know clearly now but I am sure about the eye contact. 

When she moved forward on her path , I thought to call her or walk beside her to initiate a conversation but I restricted myself after feeling hairs on my face. My stubble face pushed me to back off, all my confidence was melted by beard and mustache on my face. How could I present myself in such a way to a beautiful girl? How will she react ? Was looking towards me just a coincidence? Questions increased my doubts and more doubts means less confidence. I sigh whenever I thought of that incidence but I think that's the fate and I should be with shaven face every time waiting for a bus.  #WillYouShave Yes I will what about you?

I am accepting Sankeerath's tag and I would like to tag  A Rat , Rajlakshmi , Swati Shenoy , Sarav and Dwitiy

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  1. I have accepted your tag. Now it is your turn :D Kindly accept my tag here and have fun writing!

    Someone is Special

  2. An awesome take on the prompt:)

  3. Thank you for the post Cifar... and yeah, well written..

    There is similar one I wrote. I'm not that great at poetry but I guess you should check it out.


  4. Given you as acknowledgement :)

    Here is my post!


  5. Nice poem & story, Cifar.
    Backed off owing to lack of confidence...


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