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Childhood Chapters

Childhood Chapters

As we keep on unfolding the different chapters in life we realized the importance of stories listened and read in childhood. They have built our moral character and have taught many lessons we didn't notice then but observes their importance today when we are grown up. In childhood we learn everything by heart that's why impressions of them remain there forever in us. I too have listened and read many stories such as 'The Rabbit and The Tortoise' , The Sour Grapes, The Thirsty Crow, The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs, The Lion and The Mouse,etc and I am sure that all of you have also read or listened them in your childhood and by just mentioning their name I have recalled you the morals behind them.

Today T- Series have made these stories along with many nursery rhymes into beautiful animation videos. Children like cartoons, teaching with such animations would be a fun activity for the parents. The Tia and Tofu characters used in narrating stories are very likable and Tulsi Kumar's voice is soothing and lovable for children. Out of above mentioned stories The Thirsty Crow and The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs are stories with which I can associate few things of my childhood.

The Thirsty Crow or The Clever Crow teaches us that if you think and work hard nothing is impossible. When I was in class 2 ,while playing cricket our ball fell into a deep hole in our colony park made by iron rod used to erect tents for marriages or such occasions. When our small hands didn't reach the ball I put water in the hole and ball comes up all thanks to this story. Even today I never lose hope in any situation and tries to find the solution for the same.

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs teaches us two things don't act in haste and don't be greedy. I remembered once when I was a kid I told this story to one of my friend who was keen to grab all chocolates from another friend who brought them to distribute on his birthday, but sadly he didn't listen. The birthday boy complained to the teacher and she told to distribute chocolates among the class except to him who tried to snatch them. Although he gave one to him after the class. Now I think it is the moral attached to this story which made me retold this when I saw someone acting greedy. I told such story to my nephews and nieces and they listened them with full attention. I hope they will also remember them when required.

I am thinking to show these videos to them now because visual images stays longer in our minds and leaves stronger impressions than verbal images. 

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  1. Such small stories carries wealth of wisdom that we carry throughout our lives:)

  2. Nicely written.Children certainly enjoy listening and reciting them.

  3. Interesting post...
    Thanks for sharing!


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