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Empower Women - The Hope Project

Empower Women - The Hope Project

Every time we hear intellectuals talking about empowering women in various sectors of life,we also become part of those discussions but when it really comes to helping them to make them self sustainable we pull our hands out of such matters. do the opposite of that this organisation is helping women and other groups by providing a platform where each of us can contribute to empower them. The women who are victims of age old Devdasi system are standing on their feet by their strong will power and helps by various NGOs. Milaap comes in between these projects to strengthen their hopes by connecting their cause to millions around the world which then provide them with required money. The money is returned to the lender after a stipulated time. The Hope Project thus uplifting the status of these women entangled in Devdasi system to be master of their own fate instead of reducing themselves to mere Temple Prostitutes.

These women have stood against their exploitation by the rich and powerful people of their villages and are now making efforts to earn their living by doing different works. Their projects need certain amount of money to come in shape, some of them wants to expand their already existing businesses while some only needs things like solar lamps or toilets or clean water. Take Runa Layla Shake and Group of West Bengal for example. They are a group of 20 women working in agriculture jobs they just want solar lamps to save their money wasted in kerosene lamps during long power cuts. These lamps will make life of their families more productive and peaceful. Small contributions can make a big change to their lives. You can help this group by visiting below link:

Other women groups like that of Shanti of Tamil Nadu needs money to start masala making business. They have learned these skills of masala making after years of labour. They need only Rs 50,000 for this task a amount which we easily spend on a new smart phone or holidays or any other things of luxury. I am not saying that you should not buy such things I am only suggesting to halt them for a while and help them to make a new start. 

You can also help in other causes of your choice by visiting either

Change comes if we take things in our hand instead of blaming system and governments.Mahatma Gandhi once said that empowering a women means empowering a home thus empowering the village,the town,the state,the district and the country. Here by contributing even small amounts for the hope project we can help transforming many lives and in doing so we will also become a part of the movement which is igniting hopes in millions of people.

Part of 'The Hope Project' by Milap in association with


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