No To Racism In India

No To Racism In India


India is known for its quality of amalgamation for years and centuries. Different people came here to make it their permanent home and their cultures and traditions have mixed with values of India so much that with time they have become indigenous part of our country. Another specialty of India is its varied geographical and climatic differences which make its people look different at different places unlike other places in the world where whole country experience almost similar environmental conditions as a result India in itself holds people having similarities with Chinese or African people. But does that change their identity as Indians?

A recent incident in the capital indicates to this black spot on our society. On 2014 January 30 Nido Taniam, an 18 year old Student from Arunanchal Pradesh died after being beaten up mercilessly by locals at a marketplace in the Lajpat Nagar area of Delhi. Nido Taniam was the son of Arunachal Pradesh Congress legislator Nido Pavitra. He was studying in Lovely Professional University, Jalandher. Before that incident another incident also happened in Delhi's Khirki Extension where Nigerian women were treated badly by group of people headed by Law Minister of Delhi Somnath Bharti. Recently a minister in Goa Dayanand Mandrekar was also involved in racist comments for Nigerian communities. Last year north eastern people were threatened in Karnataka by some groups. Such incidents bring us to the same league as those western countries where they differentiate people on the basis of their skin color and many times Indians residing in those countries also falls prey to such racists.

Such incidents in India are really very shameful. Above mention incident have media attention due to the involvement of ministers in it but what about those incidents which went unnoticed. North East Indians in different parts of the country face alienation due to their looks. Majority of people make fun of them, the reason behind it is again politics. Many local parties centralised their politics on local issues and in doing so they sow seed of hatred among masses for people of other part of the country, many such hate speeches for north Indians are on record by local leaders of Maharashra's local parties.

We have emerged into a free nation after facing so much discrimination, so such incidents not only break our unity but also weakens foundation of our country. 'We the people of India are one whatever our caste,color,region or religion.' These words should be part of our thoughts otherwise politicians take advantage of these weaknesses to gain votes for or against a particular issue. Just remember we all are some and enjoys similar rights and opportunities instead of fighting with each other we should fight to get those opportunities which are deprived to us. INDIA IS ONE FROM KASHMIR TO INDIRA POINT( A & N ISLANDS) AND FROM ARUNANCHAL TO GUJARAT.  


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